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  • hi everyone this is Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • we have three words today study time spent on acquiring knowledge steady not

  • moving and sturdy solidly built so we have two syllables today study steady and stir d

  • so let's start with that last syllable the d to do this touch the tip of your

  • tongue to the back of your top front teeth pull it slightly down smile for

  • that long e d D D you got it alright now at the beginning the S T is

  • exactly the same I hear a lot of mistakes the best so to say it correctly

  • you were just going to start with the ssss sound I don't want to hear a vowel

  • before it's not est we're not adding a vowel it's just you st st can hear I'm also

  • not saying su t adding a vowel between to do this correctly you're going to say

  • the s ssss your tongue is not touching your Teeth and then you're going to touch your

  • teeth for the T keep your mouth in relatively the same position while you

  • move from the S to the T st st st you can see my lips aren't really moving

  • it's my tongue that is moving and my tongue is moving from st st st alright so now for

  • the vowels for study we have a very short u sound and to say this

  • sound correctly just going to open your mouth and you are going to have relaxed

  • lips and a relaxed tongue uh stu dee study study study for steady I think this is

  • where people get confused this is not along e it's not steedee and the difference

  • is that we're having be short um eh here and for this short eh it is more open

  • than that short u for the short u we have uh and then I'm going to open my

  • mouth and let my tongue drop as I open my mouth eh

  • uh-eh and when I open my mouth my tongue just drops down slightly

  • okay so we have steady steady steady steady and then four sturdy I'm going to

  • have square tense lips for this particular tongue is down or flipped

  • back it is not touching your teeth stir be sturdy sturdy sturdy let's try those

  • all again study study study steady steady steady sturdy sturdy sturdy and

  • for a sentence the sturdy study desk allows me to keep

  • my paper steady give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful you don't want to do give us a like share

  • and a subscribe we also love to hear your comments and if you are looking for

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  • Google Play and iTunes thanks everyone have a great day

hi everyone this is Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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B1 sturdy steady study tongue mouth teeth

How to Pronounce STURDY, STEADY, STUDY - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/11
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