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  • you know, I'm curious.

  • You know, when I watched that documentary, I look atyou back in the day in these competitions.

  • And then I look at, you know, competitors today who are on instagram and, you know, they're posting pictures every day.

  • They've got brand deals they could do.

  • They got this whole other business over here.

  • Whereas back in your day, especially for Mr Olympia, you would work 365 days a year on the diet, on the training on the sleep, and then cut weight all for that one moment on stage where you would get, you know, the crowd, the judges, a picture, maybe some video, and that was it.

  • I mean, everything was on the line, did that in that in some ways, did that separate out the rial competitors?

  • Or how does that make it different back then?

  • As opposed to today?

  • Um, it's a different era.

  • We always talk about that.

  • We doing this bodybuilding thing, you gotta look at the era that Arnold was in.

  • You gotta look at the era that Lee Haney was in.

  • You gotta look at the era that when they first started out era, era is pretty is different.

  • You gotta look at the area that I was in.

  • Everybody was doing different things.

  • So you you gotta work with what you have tow work with.

  • And that's what we basically did.

  • You know, we're just glad toe to be in now, working out, having fun, enjoying ourselves and doing what what we had to do to get ready for a show or whatever we're doing.

  • So it was all about what was going on at the time.

  • Basically, we're trying to say Okay, so you just kind of have to deal with those times these days.

  • You have all the other distractions and social media back then.

  • I guess you didn't.

  • You didn't have that.

  • What was it like when it all came down to that one day?

  • You know, every year for that, Mr Olympia.

  • I mean, what's it like when your whole year revolves around that one day?

  • Do you remember those times?

  • Was it Was it stressful?

  • Was it exciting?

  • You know, do you Do you think back?

  • And can you remember what that was like?

  • Oh, I remember like it was It was yesterday.

  • It wasn't stressful.

  • It was more exciting than anything because you get like you said.

  • You know, you spend your in the whole year getting ready for that, just that one day, and so you When that day finally arrives, you're the most excited person up there.

  • Most excited person, that's, you know, competing in the show.

  • Because, like I said, you know, you spend so much time getting ready for it.

  • But for me, I always had so much fun doing it.

  • I enjoyed it.

  • I was never I was never even nervous and anything that I can recall, you know, because I was always looking forward to that day.

  • You know, that day could never get here soon enough because I knew how much fun I was gonna have, because I I have prepared myself, you know?

  • You know, like like you said, the whole year, you have prepared to see if you worked really hard.

  • You've done everything you possibly can do.

  • You haven't left any stones unturned.

  • And so you just You know, you just can't wait for that day to get here.

  • And once it finally arrived, it's the day that you work for your your entire year.

  • So it's a very exciting day.

  • And what's the most important part of that day?

  • Is it when the fans cheer?

  • Is it standing next to your you know, your your competitors?

  • Is it getting the trophy like, what's What's the most important part of that day for you?

  • The most important, the most important part of the day?

  • It's actually getting to compete because, like I said, you've worked so hard you prepared, uh, in this endlessly, you know, from doing all the all the stuff you have to do because there's so much you have to do, you know, from getting your routine together from working out each and every single day, seven days a week.

  • You know, it's a it's a 24 hours, seven days, 24 hours, seven days a week Job.

  • Everything you do is, uh, revolves around getting ready for the show.

  • You know, from the time you wake up time to go to bed.

  • So every everything you know revolves around that.

  • So that's why you so excited.

  • You know, when that they finally arrived, You know, you spent so much time just getting ready for it.

  • And when you're competing, are you looking at the other guys.

  • Are you looking at the reaction of the crowd?

  • Do you know you're gonna win anyways?

  • Like, what's that for me?

  • I don't really look at them.

  • I'm, uh I'm focused on what I gotta do.

  • You know, I'm thinking in my head, you know, like, you know, when you're standing there, you know, you gotta you gotta stay tight.

  • You gotta You gotta be ready at all times.

  • So you you just focused on whatever whatever it is you're doing, And once they call you out, you know, you gotta focus on, you know, hitting your poses, right?

  • Turning the right way.

  • Uh, it's just it's just so much that you got to do that.

  • You're not really paying attention to anybody but yourself, basically right.

  • And you've You've cut.

  • Wait, your low body fat.

  • The lights are on you.

  • You're you're you're tensing your muscles.

  • I mean, I've heard I've heard the whole experience is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

  • Yeah, very, very mentally and emotionally exhausted.

  • You gotta be focused on on everything that you're doing, You know, every single just minutes you just brought up there on that stage.

  • My wife Wild stop.

you know, I'm curious.

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