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  • My personal belief is that eyes, they're going to be conscious in roughly the same sense that people are.

  • But I do think that as a I brain computer interfacing and quantum computing is other technologies advance.

  • We're going to gradually work toward a real science of consciousness, which which will be quite interesting.

  • I mean, I think we're gonna find it any AI that has human level intelligence, it's gonna have some species of advanced, reflective consciousness.

  • But, I mean, I'm open to other possibilities.

  • Maybe we'll discover only quantum computers can be conscious.

  • Right?

  • And digital computers can.

  • I doubt it.

  • But if If that's for future science leads us than then, so be it.

  • Do you foresee, like the machines, the machines?

  • I'm talking like a Terminator movie?

  • The computers having like an evolution, maybe like humans did where they have, like the Dark Ages and the Renaissance and the cultural revolutions as they go through their own of consciousness.

  • I think human evolution and human cultural evolution.

  • I have had many very different characteristics, and you'll see with the eyes because humans are distinct individuals with our brains trapped in our heads and communication will leave our language, which is very low, bam worth.

  • Whereas a eyes can swap brain matter whenever they want to.

  • They can join into Borg mines and then subdivide whenever they want to.

  • So it's gonna be more like one big AI mind network rather than a bunch of guys in in competition.

  • It may start as a bunch of guys and competition because the human world works that way.

  • But is the eyes get more and more power?

  • I'm suspecting they're going to sort of grow beyond bypass us.

  • They're gonna bypass that, that way of doing things, because in the end you can have more intelligence and more understanding.

  • And you can create more stuff by joining minds together than by by being opposed.

  • And humans feel that way, too, is a thing like right now, what's?

  • The main thing we use computer technology for is to be constantly SMS ing each other and video chatting back and forth and live blogging every time we fart, right?

  • I mean, so once you have a brain implant that lets you fought S and S seven people like every 12 year old school charm, but we thought sms ing each other all day while they while they sit in school.

  • Human beings also take every opportunity to join together with ever humans.

  • And it was sort of greater group intelligence.

  • We just can't do it as efficiently as a eyes will be able to.

  • Okay, so that that doesn't mean there won't be ups and downs, but it's different.

  • A.

  • Because guys conjoined into group minds flexibly as they want being the A.

  • I can save its state of mind and reboot, right?

  • If human culture actually has lost information, they burn.

  • They burned libraries, right?

  • And even we as we get older, we may lose some understanding your ability we had before.

  • If you're in a, I just save it all in the hard drive.

  • You can reload it whenever you want, so the or you can you can make copies of yourself and let each of the copies I've often different in different directions, right, and then some of them may blend them with other ones.

  • So I think we can't too closely take the history of humanity as a collection of largely distinct individuals communicating by language.

  • We don't want to take that as the model for our eyes were going to grow up in a very broad sense.

  • The principles of evolution hold.

  • But when you don't have individuals that they're separate and then get old and die and can't back up, I mean, you're gonna have a very interestingly different kind of situation.

  • No, it's going to seem insane to us 30 40 years from now that we lived all the sun without the ability to make back up copies.

My personal belief is that eyes, they're going to be conscious in roughly the same sense that people are.

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AI LIKE HUMANS: Dr. Ben Goertzel Talks About Why Artificial Intelligence Will Have Consciousness

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/09/08
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