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  • hi jennifer from tarle speech with your

  • pronunciation question today we have two words they are spelled

  • exactly the same and have a different

  • pronunciation super confusing i know but i have an easy way for you to

  • remember the pronunciations or words our um wound and injury

  • and wound to wind so let's take a look at these words we have

  • wound which is the injury and wound which means to wind so for wound

  • what we're going to remember is that ooh because when you have a wound you might

  • ew have a lot of blood okay and then for wound you're going to

  • say wow that's a lot of work to wind

  • all of that string all right so what does our mouth do

  • for the wound you are going to pucker your lips you can see they kind of

  • open and close a little bit

  • my tongue is moving slightly in my mouth but if you focus on your lips

  • you should be fine wound and then we're going to end with that nd

  • touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for that

  • n air is moving out of your nose and then pull the tongue down

  • and the air is going to puff out of your mouth wound

  • wound wound and now for wound you are going to start with the w

  • ow and move from oh puckered to open to puckered okay wow

  • wow wow and then end with the

  • so we have wound ooh that's a lot of blood

  • and wound wow that's a lot of work to wind

  • so here we go wound wound wound wound wound

  • wound and now for a sentence i have a wound from when i wound the

  • string too tightly around my hand give it a try people will

  • notice the difference if you found this helpful please give us

  • a like a share and subscribe it's super duper duper helps if you are

  • looking for um help for your pronunciation you can

  • check out our products on google play and itunes and tarle speech for all of

  • our class options thanks so much everyone have a

  • great day

hi jennifer from tarle speech with your

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How to pronounce WOUND & WOUND - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/08
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