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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday today we have

  • three words and this is a request someone wanted to know what is the

  • difference between marry to formally become a couple merry cheerful and mary

  • the girl's name so I am gonna start by saying there will be variations

  • regionally across the u.s. but I do hear most people say these words exactly the

  • same so you can go ahead and say these words the same and when I did look them

  • up in the dictionary they do have the same pronunciation

  • listed so to say these words correctly we're going to start with the M sound

  • mmm and to do this just press your lips together and the air is going to move

  • out of your nose mmm next we're going to move to the air vowel air and to do this

  • you're going to open your mouth wide you can see the tip of my tongue is low in

  • my mouth and the back of my tongue is pulled up and then we're going to move

  • to that er sound and to do this your lips are going to be square and tense the tip

  • of your tongue is going to be pointed down or flipped back it doesn't matter

  • which you choose to do whichever one works best for you just be sure to not

  • touch the tip of your tongue to your teeth and do not move the tip of your

  • tongue the r in English does not move air and then we're just going to end by

  • smiling because we're finished within E the long e sound your tongue is high in

  • flat in your mouth and you are smiling let's put it all together Mary Merry Marry

  • Mary and now for a sentence Mary was Merry because she was going to marry the

  • love of her life give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful we'd love a like and a share check out

  • our products on google play itunes and our website Tarle speech dot comm for all

  • of our classes where you can find all of our products and where you can find on

  • da in person classes thanks so much

  • everyone I'll see you again soon

hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday today we have

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A2 merry tongue marry move air mouth

How to Pronounce MARY, MERRY, MARRY - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/08
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