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  • Some people say you have to be broken to be fixed again.

  • My name is Asha Philip

  • and...

  • Athletics for me was just a bit of fun.

  • It was something different and it was something new.

  • Trampolining was my main sport and I loved it,

  • and then I fell into double mini trampolining

  • and then I became a world junior champion at it.

  • I was at the world championships in Quebec.

  • I bounced up,

  • but when I came down

  • I didn't land right.

  • I could just hear the crunch.

  • I could just see my leg pointing in a different direction.

  • Then I just remember grabbing my leg,

  • and then just screaming and screaming.

  • There was nothing holding my legs together.

  • In a...

  • everything was just gone.

  • Everything I worked hard for,

  • had vanished.

  • Everyone told me I was a write-off.

  • So how does a child, of age of seventeen, get back up.

  • It felt like I had lost something.

  • I had lost a part of me.

  • I wanted to give up.

  • And when you're at that point of just giving up,

  • that's when you're meant to really turn your life around, and...

  • It was my Mum who believed in me, and for that I believed in her.

  • I really do question how I made it out.

  • It was little by little.

  • Coming in to do the rehab.

  • Step by step you started to see improvement.

  • The crutches went away, then I could walk,

  • I was able to jog and then run.

  • But then I had loads of injuries along the way.

  • The only thing standing between success and failure,

  • is mental toughness.

  • It's about being resilient.

  • Being an athlete isn't like a normal job.

  • The gym. Strengthening. The mind work. The fitness.

  • For one shot.

  • For eleven seconds.

  • There are a lot of knock backs.

  • A lot.

  • It's how you handle it.

  • But it's also the most amazing release.

  • I let out all my stresses, all my bad energy.

  • Every time I show up to train,

  • I have the opportunity to learn more about myself,

  • and how to run correctly.

  • Some people train brilliantly,

  • but in a race they don't win.

  • You need focus.

  • You're in an arena of thousands of people,

  • and you're on the start line with seven other women

  • then you have a man holding a gun,

  • and you have to learn to channel all this, and not panic.

  • But there's so much going on.

  • You've got your family in the crowd,

  • everyone screaming, wanting you to do well,

  • and obviously they're screaming for the girl alongside you,

  • How do you put that all aside,

  • and say, OK.

  • I have to focus on myself,

  • focus on my lane,

  • focus on me.

  • There are sacrifices.

  • There are lots of ways to have fun.

  • Go after your goals, and balance it out the right way.

  • In the end,

  • it's about knowing what's important to you, and what makes you thrive.

  • That's not just athletics.

  • That's life.

Some people say you have to be broken to be fixed again.

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'Mental toughness is the secret to success' | BBC Ideas

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