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  • I want to tell everyone my story to educate others and let go of what happened.

  • It's been four years now, and I think I'm finally ready to tell the world. When I

  • was about five years old or so, my mother met a man and fell in love with him. He

  • seemed to be the perfect father for me and my older sister. He would play

  • with us, buy us gifts and treat us like his very own kids. My mother was certain

  • that he was the one. I can't say his name, so I will change it - his name was "Dan."

  • I remember going on holidays and having fun with Dan when I was younger.

  • After a while though, I remember him coming into my room often, always at

  • night when I was in my bed in my pajamas and everyone else was either downstairs

  • or asleep. He would come in and strip the covers off me and stare at my body and

  • touch my arms and waist. He did this frequently but I didn't understand that

  • it was wrong, and he always told me he was putting me to bed and saying

  • goodnight. I remember one time I was in my room playing and he took me into his

  • room and put me on the bed. My sister was in her room which was across the hallway,

  • and my mom was downstairs. He started putting his hands down my pants to which

  • I squealed in surprise, and my sister opened her door. He quickly started

  • tickling me instead. When she came in, I was squealing again, but this time

  • because I was being tickled. I never knew it was wrong because he always seemed to

  • twist it and change it into something else.

  • Things like this happened many times between the ages of 6 to 10. Eventually,

  • my sister found out and told my mom. She took me to the police station. I told

  • them everything. They took it into account and I did an interview. When they

  • explained to me that my case was an assault case, and they explained

  • what that was, I remember my heart stopping for a second and I realized

  • everything. After my interview came up, in court, when he was being testified

  • against, the case was closed due to lack of evidence.

  • Dan is still out there. The friends I made on the street that I used to live

  • on tell me that they still see him sometimes smiling at them. This has had

  • an effect on me. When I am around men in closed places, I have panic attacks.

  • I start sweating and feeling so uncomfortable. When I wear clothes that

  • make me feel happy, but my skin might be showing, I get this terrible feeling in

  • my gut and I feel so disgusting. I wasn't offered counseling until a few months

  • ago, and when I went, I got flashbacks and had nightmares - and sometimes he was

  • standing above my bed in them. Now, four years later, I look back and I wish that

  • I could have been educated at school about it. But this has made me into who I

  • am today, and I can help others going through a similar situation.

  • Thank you for listening to my story.

I want to tell everyone my story to educate others and let go of what happened.

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I Was Hurt By Someone I Thought I Could Trust

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    Max Li posted on 2020/09/08
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