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  • more more jubilant.

  • And my good idea.

  • So, Scott, in a book by its cover, this is Yohei.

  • He lives in an abandoned elementary school tucked into the mountains of Shikoku, Japan.

  • And I really mean tucked into the mountains.

  • Okay, Your head lives completely alone on a humid in there.

  • Also called a Kadima signing up.

  • Um, no matter, don't take any so hard, so you don't even gassing.

  • They also are there any So call.

  • You see them without control their core.

  • He do skin on mama meets, get their so called that Zeevi will just take what you can.

  • On the first floor of the school, there is a room that has been converted into a full on cafe.

  • Yo, Hey!

  • Or yo John, as he likes to be called, perfects his coffee techniques here and says that the warmer months can get quite busy.

  • But his love for copy most certainly does not stop here.

  • He actually spends each morning roasting his own copy beans.

  • I asked him to expand a little on how the school went from being abandoned to what it is now.

  • Let my crime was getting a little continue tour, so no Scardino cannot.

  • The high court, the testimony, most credit status.

  • She hakko toast.

  • And you need me on the second cousin of us.

  • You may not see you Sunday area.

  • So you think the way with the area as a whole is among the most picturesque and breath taking that the country of Japan has to offer?

  • Much like the rest of Shikoku, the area just calls for exploration.

  • First, it grabs your attention and then curiosity driving along.

  • And Victor and I were just flabbergasted by the beauty of the area.

  • So we actually pulled over.

  • Did you see the stairs?

  • Yeah.

  • Look pretty vicious way.

  • Why not?

  • Actually, Just drive up to the school is an adventure of its own.

  • The views are nothing short of distracting.

  • And the road just keeps getting narrower and narrower to the point where we thought we had made a wrong turn.

  • One second you're driving through a mountain forests rounded by green and the next school just appears in front of you needs even the living room of the white.

  • Nobody there, there, skinny customer.

  • So there are no according e que que study.

  • They keep space.

  • Don't you taking up about that They come Hassan there Makoni giving the space You mustn't let the world know Leaving the space that chip on your morning so comfortable, more high ticket You got June back Oh, cool.

  • You cook my way Great that I own a cook on the sea You know Cucaracha What?

  • You scared of creativity?

  • Yo Chan's love for music instantly bonded us.

  • We spent hours hanging out, playing music together, talking life clear through until dark.

  • And he was kind enough to offer up school for us to stay for the night.

  • He usually runs it as a hostile but wasn't accepting official guests at that time.

  • So we happily took him up on the offer way, charged up our gear and ventured out to explore the school at night.

  • I honestly expected an abandoned school in the mountains to have a bit of a creepy feel to it, but it was really more peaceful than anything.

  • And lucky for us, we got clear skies that way, trying to get pictures of beautiful night stars.

  • All right, I'm not scared.

  • Do you know nothing much emotion or extreme?

  • Unite there.

  • But what can I sum dynamics tika dicey dynamics, talk, sanity, more concho society.

  • And I spoke to them all deep in a spotty piracy.

  • Now that you can get there, I got soothe issue Muslim cheeky audio.

  • Okay.

  • With all the season A so called them up there among considered personal there loyalty nor came out the other.

  • It says you can go to print close the tunnel dices monkey acidity stands No, but I guess the house that you see it takes the hairs in that I was dead.

  • Critics to me to see so I can see the whole season where you could be like a monkey's associate deal about civil body, must you?

  • There.

  • Okay, So you're okay.

  • Candles on the night she freaked, Tony.

more more jubilant.

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This Man Lives in an Abandoned Japanese School

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/09/06
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