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  • Hello, this is Jack from and in this video

  • we're going to talk about books, and more specifically

  • what books are going to help you reach a high level

  • of English, so keep watching!

  • As an English learner, there are so many books that you can buy and read

  • to help you with your English. Now firstly,

  • there are the type of books that are specifically made for

  • English learners. This is, for example

  • grammar books, course books, text books and

  • books have been adapted for your specific level

  • and then, obviously, they're also books that haven't been made,

  • specifically, for English learners; books on a whole range of topics:

  • fiction and also non-fiction. Now,

  • I receive a lot of questions from English learners, and one of the main

  • questions I receive:

  • is: What books should I buy to help me

  • on my journey to English fluency? Now, I can not

  • recommend a specific book in this general sense

  • because a book that's going to be good for you

  • and that's going to help you on your journey might not be suitable for

  • someone else

  • This is because we all have different interests and also

  • we have different levels of English. The key

  • is finding a book that you can understand; a book that isn't too

  • difficult for you and your level right now

  • and also finding a book that is going to

  • really interest you; a book that you just can't

  • put down. Now, as you progress with your English

  • and if you are an immediate learner now, I recommend that you find more

  • native materials

  • Find books at have not been written specifically for English learners

  • Find books that are native; books that have just been written

  • in different genres. And remember: Choose a book

  • that is going to interest; find books

  • on topics that you find interesting. This might be

  • novels, non-fiction like history, sports or politics

  • or maybe magazines and blogs. Additionally,

  • if you can find the audio for the book as well

  • then I really recommend that you do this. If you find books that come along with

  • the audio

  • it means you can listen and read at the same time, you can read a book

  • and then listen

  • later. Or maybe you just listen to the book

  • but having the audio is really gonna help you improve your English

  • One last tip: the mentality

  • of choosing books is really important, and what I recommend,

  • like I've said throughout this video, is that you find books that you want to

  • read

  • don't read books that you feel you have to read

  • instead, read the books that you think, "Yes,

  • I really want to read this book and I know I'm going to enjoy it."

  • and if you don't enjoy the book

  • don't feel like you have to read it - put it down

  • and choose a different book instead. Here is a question for you

  • I want you to leave your answer below this video: What is your favorite

  • book

  • that you have read in English? What is your favorite book

  • that you have read in English? Leave your answers below..

  • thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time!

Hello, this is Jack from and in this video

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