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  • [majestic music]

  • NARRATOR: Pula rules the forest, the beating heart of the realm,

  • her torn ear just one of a decade's

  • worth of scars from battles fought and battles won.

  • Not born into royalty, Pula works hard for her dominion.

  • But her success is marred by tragedy.

  • [suspenseful music]

  • She has only one surviving heir.

  • This season could be her final chance to further her legacy.

  • She will be strong and ready.

  • [squirrel chitters]

  • The advantage of high position in paradise--

  • there's always a seat at the high table.

  • [dramatic music]

  • [animals groaning]

  • Sheer will earns this humble-born her wealth.

  • A firm grip ensures she keeps it.

[majestic music]

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B1 INT US beating heart dominion music born savage heir

Leopard Hunts an Impala | Savage Kingdom

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    王翌任 posted on 2020/09/02
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