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  • the thing to remember is that you know CBD is ah is a cannabinoid, right?

  • It's called cannibal cannabidiol.

  • So in a marijuana plant, there's more than 100 of these different cannabidiol oils.

  • So right now everybody is very focused on CBD.

  • But but part of the research that I've been doing is talking to a lot of these different companies, and they are finding ways to isolate thes other parts of the of the cannabis plant.

  • So there's this one part of the cannabis plant that actually acts as an appetite suppressant, right?

  • It's completely natural appetite suppressants to think about that when they're able to actually synthesize that and sell.

  • It is a pill.

  • So there's so many different ways that, um uh, companies are going to be able to monetize the cannabis plant other than just, you know, recreational getting high through THC.

  • Why do we have receptors in our body for this thing?

  • Think about that.

  • I mean, do we also produce natural?

  • We do not natural cannabinoids ourself.

  • That is correct.

  • OK, but also it's like this weird like age old symbiotic relationship with the plants spoken we for thousands of years is a reason.

  • You know, it's so, you know, weed that grows naturally is high in CBD and THC, right?

  • So So, naturally, people in India, they've been smoking marijuana for 34 5000 years of a long, long time.

  • The human body is very receptive to this.

  • What blew me away was that we have more of these receptors in our body than we do for serotonin, which is vitally important, you know, nor transmitter.

  • So again, older stuff blew me away.

  • No, I never knew any of this.

  • And this this endo cannabinoid system that we have wasn't discovered until 1993.

  • So it's all very, very new.

  • And we have these receptors all over our bodies, right?

  • And, you know, adjusting and our organs.

  • And so putting it one place or this can have different effects works, Yes.

  • Fascinating.

  • And they just recently learned how to synthesize the CBD oil itself because it's a bit of a complicated process.

  • It is.

  • So one of the things that I think is very exciting is a few companies that I've spoken to are pouring a lot of money in figuring out how to synthesise CBD at scale without actually growing plants.

  • So one of the ways that doing that is with the East there fermenting yeast and through some type of process, they're able to create CBD now they can't do it at scale yet, but that's that's something that they will be able to do in.

  • The advantage of that is that then, once they can produce that at scale, then I think you'll see a whole new range of CBD type drugs or cannabinoid type drugs emerge from that once you can isolate these different cannabinoids at scale, and how did they get it and make it now?

  • I mean, it's quite all right now you have to grow, grow, grow it on, then extracted, Extracted is.

  • But it's not all I was reading because this originally became a cure for epilepsy and kids, right?

  • That's a lot of people started noticing it.

  • I don't know, four or five or eight years ago.

  • That's what I Charlotte's Web.

  • Yeah, okay, but extracting it just didn't seem obvious.

  • At first.

  • It seemed like it needed a few different techniques, and that around nobody was really interested.

  • Everybody wanted the THC that they wanted to get high.

  • Nobody really cared about CBD and and somehow if Orania they've been spent the last 20 years breeding plants that have massive teaching usually means not so big CBD some have no no CBD in right which I, you know again, if you're looking to use this in a therapeutic way, you should really think about strange that have kind of a 1 to 1 of CBD and THC.

  • And now a lot of the big grow operations in Canada are realizing that and starting to revive these old strains that aren't necessarily very, very high in THC.

  • But they're but they're high in in CBD, which have kind of better, maybe long term effects for your body.

  • And right again you have more of that entourage effect and which acts mawr off of an anti anxiety medication.

  • Which again, you know, between taking Valium or Xanax, I think I'd rather take a little bit of THC and CBD.

  • Yeah, you know, it's funny you look at, like the Bob Marley and Rastafarians, and again Dorian Yates.

  • He's like Brian, this is really this is a plant medicine.

  • But when it comes to the c B Now, I understand because if you are having that CBD.

  • Look for me.

  • I mean, I'll be honest, ticker, like I struggle with anger issues for me like it's never fast enough.

  • It's never good enough.

  • And like, even though I'm so grateful for everything London has brought me and my family and everything, sometimes I find myself kind of angry for no good reasons.

  • Honestly, the CBD has taken the edge off a little.

  • It does take the edge off, and I would I don't know if it's legal here in the UK it.

  • But you should look at the 1 to 1 THC CBD oil and was like half a dropper full.

  • It's not gonna get you high, but it will mellow you out.

  • The way I describe it is most of the day most people kind of have this heavy weight on their shoulders, and it's it's like this'll just gets taken off and it's just your relaxed but completely in the moment, very focused.

  • You don't have any loss of any cognitive ability.

  • It's quite a remarkable experience.

  • Hi, it's Brian Rose.

  • I recently sat down with tika toe Worry, the former Wall Street trader and expert in the rapidly expanding CVD industry, which is set to grow 40 times to $20 billion in the next five years.

  • Look, I personally use this stuff for better sleep and energy levels, and I'm so excited by the medicinal opportunities of CBD that I asked Tika to record a separate video to go into detail as to what stocks will outperform the market and how you can share in this exciting investment strategy to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and watch this private video click on the link below and learn more about CBD today.

the thing to remember is that you know CBD is ah is a cannabinoid, right?

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