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  • Hello, chaps.

  • My name's Bob Wilson.

  • Arsenal goalkeeper, Arsenal legend, if you like.

  • Wilson leading off Liverpool once again.

  • Bob Wilson Cup. Rock solid once again.

  • Oh! And a great save by Wilson.

  • I was a nervous goalie.

  • And that was the buildup, the day before I started to get worked up about it.

  • And I went off into this unknown world.

  • By the time the bell went in the dressing room to go out, I was a bag of nerves.

  • My stomach was churning.

  • I'd been to the loo four times.

  • And then I'd go down the tunnel, and I hit daylight and the 40 ... 50 ... 80,000 and went,

  • Yep, this is what you've chosen, boy.

  • This is great.

  • Football is a team game.

  • It's 11 players gelling together, understanding each other.

  • The whole purpose of a game of football is to score goals.

  • And the one villain in the piece is the bloke between the sticks, the goalie.

  • They're the only individual in what is a team game.

  • There is an incredible loneliness about it.

  • The other 10 guys can make numerous mistakes in a game.

  • Even the star striker, he can miss five, six, eight chances in a game.

  • And score a winning goal in the 89th minute of a match, and he goes home the hero.

  • Oh, that was beautiful!

  • On the reverse situation, you are putting yourself in this position where for 89 minutes you play brilliantly.

  • And in the 90th minute, you make a positional error, or the ball moves, swerves and dips, and it looks as if it's your fault.

  • Because it just makes you look a fool, an absolute total fool.

  • And everybody behind the goal goes home casting aspersions about your parentage.

  • You know you think about it, this thin tightrope that a goalie walks.

  • You're underneath your crossbar in between your posts, which is a massive area anyway.

  • People don't realize it's eight yards wide, and it's eight foot high.

  • And it's a chasm!

  • It's not just a big area, it's a chasm!

  • And you are very capable of falling off at any opportunity.

  • I think you have got to be different.

  • All great goalies need a desperate sort of courage within their makeup.

  • When all is lost, when their defensive barriers and their structures and playing 4-4-2 or catenaccios, like the Italians do, When all else fails, those guys in front of you, those 10 guys, need to look 'round and say, " The goalie will save us. The big man will save us.”

  • That's when you're tested.

  • And that's why I went head first, hand first, for the sake of winning a game of football.

  • It's suddenly that belief in yourself.

  • I belong.

  • That is the ultimate.

  • You have the respect of all of your team.

  • And that was my greatest reward, and it's the greatest reward any footballer can ever get.

Hello, chaps.

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