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  • Negative thinking is a major problem.

  • Because you got... you've got to get control of this.

  • You actually can control what this does.

  • No one else is in charge.

  • If the devil is in charge, it's because you gave him permission.

  • You allowed him in.

  • If God is operating up there, it's because you gave him permission.

  • You allowed him in.

  • It's a very... listen to me, it's not a magic trick, man.

  • If you want to be successful, you have to get control of this.

  • Like I was telling her earlier, look, you can eradicate negative thinking from your life.

  • Now it's not gonna say you not gonna ever have a negative thought.

  • That's not human.

  • I have them, but I don't have them nowhere near as frequent as I used to 'cause I learned what they are, how they work.

  • I get rid of them, I don't have time for you.

  • I'm on a positive track.

  • I got things I'm trying to accomplish.

  • I'm trying to be successful and I'm trying to be happy.

  • If you're trying to be successful or happy, you have no room for negativity.

  • The best way to mask yourself from negativity every morning is to start with gratitude.

  • I'm telling you man, it's a very simple process.

  • There are some books that you can buy.

  • There's Norman Vincent Peale's "The Power of Positive Thinking" -- it's a very old book.

  • It's only in paperback.

  • It's called "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale.

  • I read this book when I was 20.

  • It started the process to changing my life.

  • Then I read a book called "The Magic of Thinking Big".

  • It's by David Schwartz.

  • This just trains you how to think big.

  • You know, it doesn't take any more brain power to think big than it does small.

  • Big thinking gets rid of negativity.

  • Dreams and visions gets rid of negativity.

  • But you gotta remember man, that you operate.

  • When you pray, God ain't the only one hear the prayer.

  • The devil is listening, too.

  • So his job is to dissuade you, his job is to keep you off track.

  • Devil ain't got but one job.

  • He don't want you to be successful.

  • He don't want you to discover your dream,

  • He don't want you talking to God.

  • So he get busy, he get busy.

  • He busy man, he send people your way all the time.

  • He all over the Internet, he all over social media.

  • The devil got imps, he got people working for him all the time.

  • All they do is just do what he say.

  • Say something funky about her.

  • But you can control this part.

  • Now, what you cannot do is bury yourself by using your success compared to other people.

  • See, because here's the danger.

  • Let me teach you this.

  • Success is not how far you've got.

  • 'Cause see, you're gonna be disappointed all the time.

  • 'Cause somebody always further than you.

  • So now you'll forever be disappointed.

  • Success ain't how far you got.

  • Success is how far you've got from where you started.

  • That's your success.

  • That's yours.

  • You can be successful.

  • But if you constantly looking at somebody else, if I look at Oprah money, I start feeling bad about me.

  • Cause I ain't got Oprah money, Oprah got billion dollars.

  • I don't have nowhere near no billion dollars.

  • But you mean to tell me that I ain't smart enough to go.

  • "Steve, you used to stutter, you couldn't talk outside your house."

  • "Steve, you flunked out of school."

  • "Steve, you don't have a degree."

  • "Steve, you lost everything twice."

  • "Steve, you've been homeless and you lived in a car."

  • See, I did all that.

  • Oprah ain't done none of that.

  • So my success ain't from where I am, it's from where I started.

  • So guess what?

  • I'm a successful person.

  • Now, that's all to it.

Negative thinking is a major problem.

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