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  • Aww, I can't wait to teach my dog some tricks!

  • Come out boi.

  • nibba how 'bout u come out first we already gay as F*CK!

  • woah

  • that was kind of mean ;(

  • maybe u just a lil bitch?

  • woah.

  • dis how dawgs talk, dawg.

  • oh. well. can you do some tricks?!

  • can a nibba what?

  • uh, you.. you know, like tricks. like... sit!

  • oh hell no! I know u didn't just tell me to sit!

  • oh. sorry. um. roll over?

  • you better roll over this blunt cuz u must be high as f*ck if you think ill be rollin over kid

  • ok!! not that one either. jeez, how about.. play dead! ha ha...

  • ok how bout we try it on u then? x2 (woah! woah! woah! woah! boi! boi! boi!)

  • take it easy, boi! woah! woah! (aight. x3)

  • cmon boi, cmon.

  • u DEADASS rite now?

  • wut????

  • did ur racist ass call me "boi?"

  • oh.. I... I... I just..

  • i know u aint callin me boi when ur mother sells fruit snacks on the 6 train.

  • i... but..

  • how ya got 2 bum ass brand cross overs on ya feet rite now.

  • but they're sketchers.

  • ya mother don't even love u. f*ck outta here. waddya talkin about?

  • ok! ok! ok! what about.. a treat?

  • waita minute... a TREAT?

  • yeah?

  • so u sayin u gonna give me a treat if I do what you ask...

  • uhh... yeah...

  • so why the f*ck u ain say so?

  • idk man u made me really stressed out...

  • listen man i'm a hustla aight?

  • alright. ¯\(°_o)/¯

  • u can't come askin out here u gotta come givin. then u gonna get some shit aight??

  • yeah.

Aww, I can't wait to teach my dog some tricks!

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B2 US boi woah cmon rite treat bout

Ghetto Dog

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    Eunice Lin posted on 2020/08/26
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