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  • Hey!

  • HEY!!!!!

  • I can't hear you...

  • W… Why not ??

  • I just can't…

  • Is it because you're like REALLY TALL???

  • Not at all

  • I was actually short once, just like you

  • Well then.

  • But then, I got these AirPods.


  • Like those wireless Apple earpod things?

  • YES.

  • And now I'm better than you.

  • WHAT?

  • Sorry, I can't hear poor people.

  • WHAT!!!

  • What do u drive?

  • I… I own a Prius.

  • Oh my god, so poor.

  • You can't just assume I'm poor just cause I don't got tic tacs in my freakin' ears yo!

  • Listen, Miguell...

  • Ma name is ROB!!

  • I'm rich, you're poor.

  • And I can't hear you.

  • Unless you got AirPods.

  • Well, let me try YOURS then.

  • Excuse me?

  • Let me see what happens when I put those on, butt face!

  • Well, I suppose I CAN afford to donate...

  • Oh shut up...

  • Gimme those.

  • uhhh...


  • Can I have those back now?

  • Shut your poor ass up b*tch!

  • Aw man.


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Airpods (Not For Poor People)

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    Eunice Lin posted on 2020/09/14
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