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  • Hey, guys.

  • Came here.

  • Welcome back to my channel.

  • I'm in Akihabara right now, which is Electric Town Tokyo.

  • It's the home of anime and manga.

  • Good.

  • Sir, Today I am here with you, my yen, which is just about $100.

  • I'm going to be spending the $100 today and showing you guys what you can do with this money.

  • I'm also saying in the capture hotel, which is included in this price, we're going to go shopping.

  • We're going to go to Game Centre said it's gonna be a lot of fun today.

  • I'm going to be doing this with Emma.

  • Okay, so we're gonna go around.

  • I can't right now.

  • Let's go.

  • I'm in front of the camera Bay Hotel.

  • And this is where we'll be saying this is a female only capture.

  • This is my information in English.

  • This is Japanese.

  • So this is a number that I'll be using for my locker, my Goodson, and also my number for my capture.

  • English, Korean and Chinese.

  • 58 inside.

  • Here.

  • You got a face towel, a shallow tell and you've got pajamas.

  • Look myself inside now, going ahead into the caption.

  • I'm inside the capture now and it is very decently sized, so it is small, but it's not that small.

  • It's very clean and quiet in here, and you can adjust your lighting down here like this.

  • There's also a fan, which you can turn on and off.

  • And there's a room lights on and off.

  • You also got charges this side so you can bring your thirds here.

  • Charge everything in here way.

  • You can't sit down.

  • Just do you have this charges and it's really nice and quiet.

  • So you get if you walk down visible streaks and stuff.

  • So many machines.

  • There's food if you want.

  • This is a shower down here.

  • These are his condition is 40 side.

  • That's all stopped up.

  • Be there's told us here for the very nice and clean inside.

  • There's also laundry sick.

  • You can do you for 200 yen or 100 yen dry.

  • A.

  • I think there is very stopped capture.

  • Hotels are being so you've got, like cleanses.

  • Here's will makeup moisturizers and you got hair dryers here as well.

  • On I think that's unique about this place is that you get a hand.

  • Hello, but you don't really see in out of Catherine cells because this one's full girls that stopped up.

  • It's more cute than usual.

  • And then down here, there's some more showers, so there's a lot of showers here, so you never have to fight for one.

  • There's also extra towels it, But once you use your time, put them inside way, way, time on em.

  • And I thought to be a great idea to get 50 chicken nuggets on.

  • We're gonna try and eat more the end of this video hope you guys enjoy and Justin that you guys know there are different branches for this hotel.

  • So there's one in Ginza home Bashi Home Machine were matchy and Tom achy.

  • So make sure you guys check them out.

  • So this country hotel is actually really unique, so it's just female.

  • So, as you can see, we gotta shows Everything is really cute and pink inside.

  • The President's hotel was 3800 yen.

  • Location is really good.

  • It's very central in Akihabara.

  • So if you guys I interested to check out what anime manga goods and you need a place to stay at night, this is a perfect plaintiff.

  • You guys like this hotel and want to find out more information on the has a book that make sure you check out the reservation patient decision, possible life and also my fellow YouTubers Chris McConnell.

  • Chris Broad on Emma also made videos on his hotel chain, so make sure you check out their videos linked down below.

  • Describe haven't yet.

  • And like this video.

  • And I see you guys next time Bye.

Hey, guys.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/25
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