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  • How do you stay focused and how, more importantly, how do you keep your head up when I'm just assuming?

  • For the past 20 years, you've been attacked, left and right.

  • I mean, this year, probably even more so, you know, do you have something that grounds you or something that you draw strength from?

  • Because you're such a contrarian with so many people you know around you from the neighborhood you're from How do you keep that North star with so much?

  • You know, so much adversity coming, Natche.

  • It's not that difficult.

  • My mother always told me that no one could make you feel inferior without your permission.

  • And so I expect to be called all these kinds of names.

  • One of my friends, when I first started in radio Brian for the did it bother being called a sellout Uncle Tom in that kind of stuff, have a very good friend.

  • I went to, uh, high school with law school with in college and he said, Larry, relax.

  • You're making the right enemies.

  • End of quote and it got me thinking, If I am doing the right thing, I expect to be attacked.

  • I expect people to be uncomfortable.

  • Candace Owens, in my movies described herself is like an alarm clock.

  • It goes off.

  • It may piss you off when it goes off within you get up and do what you have to do.

  • And as far as I'm concerned, where all alarm clocks were all telling people we're going the wrong way, we should rethink our assumptions.

  • We should rethink education.

  • We should rethink borders.

  • We should rethink the welfare state, which should respect economic policies.

  • And if the reaction is your style after an Uncle Tom, that's just the price that I pay.

  • I feel sorry for them.

  • I interviewed a woman once named Susanna, huh?

  • She was in a Luby's where there was a famous mass shooting a Texas some years ago, and her mother and father were both killed, and she had been given a firearm by a friend of hers but left it in the car.

  • And so when she reached for her purse to find the fire, Mom wasn't there.

  • This horrific shooting happened.

  • She later on, ran for office on a on a pro, second them a ticket and got elected, and I said to her, How do you feel about the man who killed all these people, including your parents.

  • And she said getting angry at him is like getting angry at a rabid dog.

  • He had worms for brains, and a lot of these people follow him with metaphor.

  • Have worms for brains.

  • They've been taught.

  • Larry Elder is a villain.

  • I'm the guy telling you that you ought to be able to have an option out of a bad government school that you're assigned to go to nearby.

  • And I'm the villain.

  • What is that?

  • What has caused you to think of me that if somebody is often a different point of view, But it's somebody who's really a sellout, somebody who's out to get you.

  • What's happened to your brain?

  • That's done that I feel sorry for people like that.

  • It is my job to de program them, Brian, and that may take some time.

  • But every day I feel like I'm detailed ramming at least one Victor Kratt and getting that person to begin to take charge of his own life.

  • Being being responsible is liberating because it means you're in charge.

  • It means you're not blaming somebody else of what happened to you.

  • It means that to the greatest extent possible, you're in charge of your own fake, and that's what we're trying to tell people.

  • So as far as I'm concerned, the name calling just shows me that they're out of ammo way.

How do you stay focused and how, more importantly, how do you keep your head up when I'm just assuming?

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HOW TO OVERCOME ADVERSITY: "No-One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Permission" | Larry Elder

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/25
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