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  • I came down here and welcome back to my channel.

  • Today.

  • I'm going to be sharing a few.

  • My evening retains.

  • Usually, when I get back from my day, I just sit down and relax for a bit.

  • Usually I play some games on my phone or catch up with some messages.

  • And then I might spend a few hours replying to your comments on my social media and then spend some time editing for some reason.

  • Every time I come back home, I'm always hungry, so I like to snack a little bit.

  • So today I'm having some ice cream, and I eat while I watch.

  • Some video is usually some YouTube videos or animations that I'm watching attack on Titan today.

  • Next thing I want to do is just take off my makeup.

  • It feels so good to take your makeup off after a long day.

  • First, I'm using these wires from Midget House just to remove my eye makeup, and lately I've been using the banana, a hot cleansing gel, to remove the rest off my makeup.

  • It comes out in this orange color, and it's kind of a little bit sticky on.

  • Just apply it all over my face.

  • This hot cleansing Joe has many benefits.

  • It is a best seller in Japan.

  • First of all, it has 91.4% beauty enhancement ingredients, and it removes makeup and impurities.

  • Clean step in your paws diminishes blackheads and pause, and your skin is let feeling moisturized.

  • There's no need for double printing with this way.

  • You Joe hits off and generates are warming effect that gently opens up the pores.

  • It doesn't irritate the skin, and it removes impurities.

  • It has ingredients such as role jelly extract, hyaluronic acid, honey collagen and great free extracts.

  • So it smells really good.

  • Use this product.

  • You just have to take an adequate amount.

  • Apply on your face for 30 seconds and massage gently to remove impurities on your face, then rinsing it off with warm water.

  • Things helps prevent Donostia skin leaves.

  • You have smooth, hydrated skin and is a great After washing off my makeup, I'll take a shower.

  • I prefer to shower at night time rather than in the morning as erotic.

  • Go to bed.

  • When I'm clean, says my hair is quite damage from order beaching.

  • I do use treatments to keep it healthy after the shower, a lot of blow drying my hair and also apply treatments once again to keep it healthy.

  • Yeah, I'm just applying some walls onto my head.

  • Keep it strong and healthy after I have dinner.

  • And sometimes I might make dinner.

  • But living in Japan sometimes it is actually cheaper to eat out if you're living alone.

  • Since I'm actually staying in an Airbnb this time, I just bought food from the 7 11.

  • What I love about food and 7 11 is that it's just so convenient.

  • So I just need a pop it into the microwave, and it's done eating a lot to catch up on some video.

  • So I like to watch some YouTube videos or some anime or dramas.

  • Usually this is like my favorite time of day because I like to just relax and also eat at the same time I finished dinner.

  • I just like to continue editing, and I'll keep doing this for a couple more hours, and then I usually snack as well after dinner.

  • So yeah, I'm just having an a *** T, which is a rice ball, and inside is all my bushy, which is a pickled plum.

  • I produce it around for a few hours, and then when it's time I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then it's time for my skin care.

  • So I make sure every single night I do my skin care routine.

  • Since I'm technically traveling, I'm just carrying around these small sample size bottles.

  • First step was Tona, and and now I'm just going to put on some essence.

  • Next is emotion.

  • Then I've got moisturizer and finally, up on a sleeping mask was my skin care is finished.

  • Then I'll just head for bed just before bed.

  • I'm going to put on these socks and these just kind of help my blood circulation around my legs because I walk a lot in Japan.

  • So I like putting these on after a long day of walking S o.

  • I just like to lie in bed for, I guess, an hour.

  • So just playing on my phone, I usually play some games or respond to comments or just talk to my friends on just before I go to bed.

  • I don't do this every nights, but on some nights I like to do it, especially are nice where I know that I can't really sleep easily.

  • So I allowed to use these I mosques and they are amazing.

  • What you do is that you just put them onto your eyes and they heat up and you will sleep like a baby on that Is it for my evening routine.

  • Hope you guys enjoyed it.

  • And if you did, don't forget to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel.

  • If you haven't yet what says describes in my vlog channel If you want to see what I get up to on my life in Japan, let me know down below What other videos you want me to make and I see next time Bye.

I came down here and welcome back to my channel.

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Evening Routine in JAPAN | My Night Routine

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