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  • So, Larry, question for you.

  • If by some crazy chance we elected you president of the United States in November and you had a completely sympathetic Congress and for four years, you could do what you want to do in this country.

  • What would you do?

  • Where would you start?

  • What of those big things that you would just want to nail down again, giving you carte blanche for four years?

  • What would you dio?

  • First thing I would do is demand a recount, but to answer.

  • But to answer your question, um, I would I would push for a constitutional amendment to limit spending to 1/5 percentage of the GDP with exceptions for emergencies, because our finances are completely insane.

  • We're what about $20 trillion in debt and probably even understated because of the understated amount of money that we know for security and for Medicare and for Medicaid.

  • We have to get our three entitlements programs under control.

  • I would privatize Social Security.

  • I would get the federal government completely out of the business of welfare.

  • That should be done by the states and by individuals.

  • Andi, I would, uh, go to Health Savings account, which is what Ben Carson said he would do about health care.

  • You know, have a like making life insurance policy with the big deductible and an account so you can put money in s so that you can out of pocket pay for your non emergency expenses for health care.

  • So I would reform Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

  • I would push for an amendment to limit spending to 1/5 percentage of GDP, with exceptions for emergencies and war.

  • That would be the primary thing that I would do.

  • I would also finish the wall that the president is working on on.

  • I would get us out of the welfare state, and by that I mean tomorrow you can't cut off people who've been dependent.

  • Many of them are no longer even capable of fending for themselves because they have been so institutionalized by by welfare.

  • But I would give it a time certain, maybe 20 years from now, 15 years from now.

  • But at some point, the federal government is going to be completely, totally out of the business of welfare and will be turned over to the states and enter the individuals and non profit organizations themselves.

So, Larry, question for you.

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RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT: How Larry Elder Would Restructure The American Economy If He Ran For Office

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