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  • I'm Russell Kane, comedian and podcast host.

  • I'm also a massive John Lennon fan.

  • Music that cuts across generations. Is he the greatest popstar ever?

  • Or was he just a bit of a git.

  • In an interview in 1980,

  • he admitted that he was violent and cruel to women.

  • He said...

  • A drunken John once attacked Bob Wooler.

  • He was the man responsible

  • for introducing the Beatles to Brian Epstein, their manager.

  • Bob had been joking that

  • John and Brian were in an intimate relationship

  • and John just lost his temper, started hitting him

  • and he only stopped because he thought he was going to kill him.

  • Wooler was left with several broken ribs and admitted to hospital.

  • Lovely.

  • Does that sound like the bed-sharing "give peace a chance" hippie?

  • How can one preach love and practice hate?

  • If you really mean the love

  • you wouldn't be practicing something so vile and vicious.

  • Something else you might not know about John Lennon.

  • He wasn't a great dad either.

  • In fact he was pretty horrible to his first son Julian.

  • Julian said...

  • In fact, John Lennon hated his own son's laugh.

  • Once he turned to him and screamed,

  • "I can't stand the way you [BLEEP] laugh."

  • Lovely, day out with daddy anyone?

  • So maybe all this social campaigning,

  • all of this genius was just a PR campaign

  • to cover over what a nasty git the man really was.

  • I mean I love Yellow Submarine...

  • So was John Lennon a musical visionary genius

  • or a violent misogynistic bully?

  • You decide.

  • Thanks for watching.

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  • See you again soon!

I'm Russell Kane, comedian and podcast host.

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Was John Lennon a visionary or a bully... or both? | BBC Ideas

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    Summer posted on 2020/08/25
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