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  • If this is actually my last block, I should tell everyone to follow me on Instagram.

  • Hey, guys, By the water Here it's been sitting.

  • It's so cool.

  • This is like if I ever open a shop, this is This is the sites I want it to be.

  • Damn, Damn, damn, Damn, Damn!

  • Damn!

  • There's my camera.

  • Okay, so we are now in a in A in the shop.

  • It's called Delta, trying to act more like of luxury That doesn't get do monetizing YouTube.

  • So from now, one knows no slurs.

  • Family friendly content.

  • Guys, look at my channel.

  • Okay, guys, um, I think I just took a refugee friends over, so Yeah.

  • Okay, guys, um, I think I just took wear in one karaki booth.

  • Usually, it's supposed to be only for two people.

  • We had to bring two chairs and we're going to sing some some love songs.

  • Competition, man, beauty pies.

  • Next, man, I'm popping home the checks.

  • Booth, You talking about you You begging for attention talking shit on Twitter to still hit by bullets like a god church full.

  • All right.

  • Um, this isn't actually my last, Like the non Clickbait in the title is actually Clickbait theory.

  • Year 2018 was really big for me.

  • I went to Japan, I went to China, I got highest.

  • This channel surpassed 50,000 subscribers, which which is awesome.

  • Even though nowadays no one really watches me anymore.

  • I'm sure that some people subscribe to me because they were interested in the exchange in Japan, and now they don't really care about my videos anymore, which is fine.

  • But then I also get messages from people that want to see my videos, but they don't see them in their subscription feet, so Yeah.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks.

  • Youtube.

  • Thanks.

  • But let's not get into that.

  • Because now I actually really started to enjoy making videos.

  • I feel like the people that watch me now, as in you, for example, are away more invested in the channel.

  • I really like the community that we have here, and I would genuinely like to thank you for that.

  • Like for reals.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks, dude.

  • Yeah.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Hey, the fun.

  • Didn't you forget someone?

  • Oh, uh, all right.

  • Um, Guys, this is Mr Pussy Slayer.

  • We created him together as a character on my instagram.

  • Do you have, like, anything to say our This is my last video of this year.

  • So yes, Just saying you look like Decker.

  • Come on.

  • Get your friends to go Student.

  • Very this Lindsay.

  • Bad funds In every language you can think of the shares, his adventures.

  • Things are these.

If this is actually my last block, I should tell everyone to follow me on Instagram.

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B1 damn damn clickbait channel booth instagram shop

this is my last vlog (not clickbait)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/25
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