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  • I think for many people it's a kind of bewildering picture because there is not a day when you can't pick up a newspaper and find an article that tells you about some new corporate commitments on new national initiatives on new technology, which might help us.

  • And then the next day you open the newspapers and its Australian bushfires, and it's Donald Trump, and it's really hard to kind of see Web.

  • This is overall, whether you should hope I'm gonna interest in where you think it's poised and what will determine whether or no globally.

  • We do the things that we need to do.

  • I'll start with you, Jules.

  • The big thing for me.

  • What's happened?

  • Change In last year's there was received wisdom, which is, if you hit people with the reality of it, it's too big.

  • People will get scared, they'll disengage.

  • There'll be apathetic so we can't do anything about it.

  • And along came extinction rebellion in the school Strikers and Greta and said, planets burning.

  • What you gonna do on that just changed the whole debate.

  • I think now it is this massive, massive thing, and now I think Extinction Rebellion, one of the articles of faith is to tell the truth their first demand on.

  • We are telling the truth about it and I am really worried.

  • I want to give hope and I believe that what people need more than anything right now is hope on the vision.

  • But this scale of transformation that is going to be needed in order to do what we need to do to stop cataclysmic climate events is huge.

  • And when we came up with this manifesto for this election, we were talking about borrowing £100 billion a year for 10 years.

  • Toe have this huge shift and we were making the links, which I think is really important people's minds about why we need to radically transform the welfare state to provide security for people as we make this transition, because if we're going to make these huge changes, you gonna have to make sure that people are secure and therefore we need to reform and reimagine The welfare state is an empowering tool.

  • We have to get away from this blind addiction to credit fueled growth.

  • We have to tackle the fact that the economy is now three times bigger.

  • We have three times more wealth than when I was born.

  • We have the wealth.

  • The alternative to just going on growing and growing and growing is to redistribute that wealth.

  • Now you can call it left wing, but that is what we have to do if we're going to make the change and we feel like we're telling the truth on there's a bigger state waken Havel.

  • The electoral success we like and compromise a zoo much as you like.

  • But if we don't avoid the climate catastrophe, then what's the bloody point king elected to a government if you aren't actually making the difference?

  • So we we have to say it and shifting the agenda for us in this country has been as important as getting the electoral success.

  • But it's interesting, very interesting, because it's always been this debate wasn't there.

  • Do you focus on the harms?

  • Do you focus on the despite the panic fear, or do you focus on the upside you focus on?

  • We'll actually know a green economy would be a happier economy that well being would be better.

  • Technology can be used t make real progress.

  • It feels as though partly because of extinction rebellion, Onder school Children's action that the emphasis and also what's happening.

  • The world has moved mortar, the negative as a way of mobilizing people.

  • And I noticed that Donald Trump, who wherever he is, is not stupid when it comes to understanding where to try to draw lines the line he wanted to draw it.

  • Devils was about this.

  • He wanted to say, This isn't Forget all this.

  • It's optimised versus pessimists.

  • It's me cheerful old all of us is that rather miserable ago from Sweden.

  • Is there a danger that even though it may be in the short term that people immobilized by fear, that's not enough?

  • One of the things you said positively about your part of Germany is that it's been run by the greens for 10 years, and he had strong economic growth.

  • We're proud of it.

  • Why, no, No, but it depends on what kind of economic Rosa you have.

  • And I firmly believe that, you know, if we go on this epic ellipse storytelling, we also disappear on the living means missing emitting sue to the only time we don't admits you to is if we're dead.

  • So if you go it all the way to the radical than you were life opposing, um, and were firmly loving life and trying to make it a better life.

  • And one of our oldest slogans off the Green Party in Germany is goony Denesh Watts.

  • It's challenge time, which means taking green ideas in making a writing, you know, getting to black numbers at the end of the month, so to have economic success.

  • So we have always been in proposing a new definition off gross and making it more inclusive off environmental questions.

  • But also social question caring out like care, work, etcetera on that has been so strong in our party that now we do as German greens for the last five years and an alternative rose index for Germany.

  • And it's become, as you know, publicly known and brought in the media as the German national gross index.

  • Even though we're not in government, it's not, you know, but we have done it with scientists, etcetera, and I feel like when I'm local in, you know, in my Heidelberg constituency and I'm telling people, Look, imagine the city we just take out of cars.

  • We take that space for our kids, you know, regain it.

  • Take the idea.

  • We could have energy you, you know, on our roofs and on our windows, we can just live in a different place.

  • It gives you so much more energy.

  • Um, and I really think that in the end, if you wanna have a positive change, you have to go by ideas that a quick, easy to implement on that are socially inclusive.

  • Andi.

  • That's why, of course you need money.

  • You need funding for it.

  • And I always say, You know what?

  • Does it help me locally?

  • But in return back to stay there.

  • If I tell people not to use the car and I don't have a running train system, I don't want to cut on mobility.

  • I am lift on four continents.

  • I love traveling, and I want to be in touch with my friends in New York.

  • And I want us our system to get me to New York without producing.

  • See YouTube.

  • It's not to get everybody to become better human beings to stop being in touch.

  • And I'm convinced that we can get there if we put in.

  • The resource is if we put the legal constraints necessary for that.

  • And I think, you know, that's what we've been doing in Button Vettel back.

  • We have been investing in lot in these new technologies and new ways of running also transport mobility systems, etcetera.

  • And I think it's very worthwhile.

  • And maybe on what you said hope you know, one of my dearest quotes that I always have in my pocket, that's what's left, have ill.

  • Who said.

  • I try to make it in English.

  • It's like hope.

  • It's not the conviction that something ends well, but a firm belief that what you're doing is the right thing to do.

I think for many people it's a kind of bewildering picture because there is not a day when you can't pick up a newspaper and find an article that tells you about some new corporate commitments on new national initiatives on new technology, which might help us.

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A New Dawn for Eco Politics with Franziska Brantner and Jonathan Bartley

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