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  • Hello, everyone and welcome in this video

  • We're going to be discussing what happens when an engine has no oil as a demonstration will be viewing an engine with and without oil

  • running this is the exact same engine on the left and the right on the left with oil and on the right without

  • Both engines will start at the exact same time, but the video on the right was filmed 24 hours after the video on the left

  • Allowing for the engine to completely cool. This is a 212 CC. Air-cooled single-cylinder

  • Harbor freight engine I'll be keeping the oil equally classy using not just any oil but high performance

  • Premium motor oil from the grocery store my whole point for this is to [show] what even the cheapest engine oil can do

  • Versus nothing at all. It's api certified, but I wouldn't personally use this in my cars there are five points

  • We're monitoring on each engine point one is the crankcase

  • Below the level at which oil will rest

  • Point two is on top of the crankcase where they're obviously won't be any oil resting near point 3 is the air-cooled cylinder bore?

  • Point 4 is the exhaust pipe exiting the cylinder before entering the muffler and point five is the valve cover

  • This is a push Rod style valve train with overhead valves so at this point. You're wondering wait a minute

  • Why is the engine with oil so much hotter than the engine without?

  • Well, it's because I'm an idiot and left to choke clothes on the engine without oil for over two minutes even still after about seven

  • minutes the engine without oil

  • catch up

  • And exhaust temperature one thing I did want to make sure of is that there was no reason other than the oil that the engine

  • On the right would have higher temperatures than the engine on the left as a result its

  • Throttle is just slightly lower the choke was closed for far longer and it is in about one degree Cooler ambient air any temperature

  • That's higher on the right engine is purely a result of extra heat from not having lubrication

  • Now as you can see the surface of the engine is highly reflective of thermal imaging as a result

  • Calibrating for the material is challenging however if you see the frame freeze

  • This is the camera calibrating and immediately after a frozen image the temperature values will be the most accurate

  • ambient air temperature is about 15 to 16 degrees

  • Celsius though the engine was stored in my garage before filming which kept its temperature slightly cooler

  • Let's go ahead [and] fast-forward to [8] minutes where now the engines are operating at similar conditions to be honest. I was surprised

  • How trouble-free it seeing the engine was up until this point

  • it sounds fine and temperatures are no higher than the engine with oil as

  • Proof that the engine has no oil in it look at points 1 and 2 you can see a large temperature

  • Differential as the warm oil resting at the bottom is hotter than the crankcase on the right?

  • Points 1 and 2 are the same as there's only air on the other side of the crankcase for each point

  • I'll admit watching the temperatures Side-By-side

  • I was a bit disappointed how much cooler the engine without oil managed to be it goes against my intuition

  • but then again if I knew what would happen from the start there'd be no point in doing this so it's cool [to] see my

  • Best explanation is that the oil acts as a heat sink for the engine helping the engine with oil remain at higher temperatures than without

  • Without the oil the amount of energy stored internally is less than the amount of energy emitted through the air so it's cooler that said

  • Combustion temperatures are obviously a bit higher as the exhaust temperatures remains high on the right?

  • After 15 minutes the only temperature that's actually hotter for the no oil engine is the exhaust and just slightly

  • So what's my recommendation here if you want your engine to run cool?

  • You should remove all the oil no no absolutely not fun pleased with what I've seen so far

  • I decided to open up the crankcase and have a look inside

  • Here's where it became obvious permanent damage had occurred first of all look at the small amount of oil

  • But didn't [quite] make it out while draining

  • It's quite dark

  • and this is after a 15 minute run with oil and

  • 15 minutes without in a brand New Engine I

  • Kept the oil which I drained out after the first test

  • And you can see it here on the left on the right the oil which remained in the drained engine

  • clearly quite dirty and actually it has quite a bit of metal content in it as you can see reflecting as I move around the

  • towel

  • Significant where of the engine occurred whereas the oil on the left is perfectly clean and clear examining further

  • I remove the connecting Rod caps from the crankshaft. This is the bearing the crank rotates on on the [left]

  • we can see a brand new cap and on the right after 30 or so minutes of running with half of that time in an

  • Engine without oil you can see the smooth shiny surface on the left

  • Versus the scored less reflective surface on the right indeed you can see the scratches on the crankshaft as well

  • I would also expect to see similar issues with the Camshaft in cylinder bore admittedly

  • this is a bit more of a scientific approach and didn't have the explosive ending many of us we're hoping for but don't fret as

  • The folks at car Throttle have driven a mercedes C180 without oil on a track until it's inevitable depth

  • I won't give it all away

  • But just know [that] the engine doesn't leave the track with all its original parts if you have any questions

  • Or comments feel free to leave them below. Thanks for watching

Hello, everyone and welcome in this video

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What Happens To An Engine Without Oil?

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