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  • and I saw you talking to Candace Owens about some of these social programs.

  • And she said she have family that always trying to figure out how toe, you know, get you know, get around it or make sure you're still getting the check.

  • And she was talking about how it's your so dis incentivized to go out there and get the job because you might lose this small check and then you're kind of again this whole lifetime of dependence on the government.

  • Um, the fact when I heard you quote that stat of 64% of the women and these programs would say I would have another child based on that, I mean, that just blew me away.

  • But it's really institutionalized, this dependence on the government, and then they kind of weaponized it when they want on elections and say, Democrats, your friends were the only one that cares about you.

  • And it's this thing, this cycle that it'll go on forever, unless it's broken right?

  • Well, right.

  • And it's amazing how much agreement there is about the importance of fathers on the left and on the right.

  • Arguably the most prominent think tank on the left is a Brookings Institution, and arguably the most prominent thing take on the right is the Heritage Foundation.

  • If you look at their research, it's almost identical.

  • I'm writing a column that will be out on Thursday about all of this.

  • There's a researcher at Brookings, and she says the issue of whether or not fathers are important is no longer up for debate and gave all the stats about how many, how much more likely ornament commit a crime if you don't have a father more or likely to drop out of school on the think tank on the right said exactly the same thing.

  • The formula to escape poverty.

  • It is simple, if not easy to up to achieve.

  • Finish high school.

  • Don't have a kid until you get married.

  • Get a full time job.

  • Don't quit that job until you get another one.

  • Follow that formula.

  • Only about 8% of people follow that formula are poor.

  • Don't follow that formula, and over 75% of people who don't follow that formula are poor.

  • So both the left and the right are telling you what to do.

  • Were just not listening.

  • Yeah, and I've heard these these things quoted by everybody from Charlie Kirk to Candace.

  • So ones when they go out to these schools and they have these arguments with college kids that buy into the narrative Well, if I'm black, then I'm gonna have all these problems.

  • And if I'm white that I'm not.

  • And then they say, Actually, it's if you had a father like you said, If you graduate high school, if you didn't have a baby by that time and then the full time job that is actually statistically determining whether you have a future of poverty or wealth and those that's what it comes down to, I'll give you another one.

  • This is probably why I have been on CNN in a while.

  • The last time I was on seeing and I mentioned that CNN did a study their own study with Time magazine in 1997.

  • They have black teens and white teens where the racism was a major problem in America and not too surprised me both.

  • Both are acting on my team said yes, within the ask black teams this question Brian, is racism a big problem, a minor problem or no problem in your own daily life, 89% said minor or no problem in my own daily life.

  • In fact, more black kids and white kids that failure to take advantage of available opportunities is a bigger problem than races.

  • That was in 1997 before Obama got elected before Obama got reelected.

  • So what we're talking about way.

and I saw you talking to Candace Owens about some of these social programs.

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HOW TO ESCAPE POVERTY: The Best Way To Incentivize People To Get Themselves Out Of Bad Situations

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