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  • black lives matter.

  • We heard this.

  • We've heard this term.

  • We've heard this protest.

  • I've heard you say quote.

  • It's a bogus movement based upon a bogus notion.

  • And the bogus notion is that police are out brutalizing black people.

  • What do you see in this movement?

  • Because you've been commenting on this movement for five years.

  • You've been watching it evolve.

  • What is it and what isn't it?

  • And how are we ever gonna understand it or even control it?

  • At this point, when I thought it was about the narrative that the police were brutalizing black people just because they're black, that's what I thought.

  • This is all about the black life.

  • Matters started after the death of Trayvon Martin, even though he wasn't shot by a law enforcement officer and shot by neighborhood watchman like it was sort of the same thing.

  • It's for black lives matter with concern, but it really got currency.

  • When Michael Brown died in Ferguson.

  • That's when the one that movement really became kind of a national movement again.

  • The premise is that the police are falsely chilling wax because they're black.

  • Studies don't show that I mentioned that earlier the data shows just the opposite of anything on, and it really is bizarre because you look at a city like Baltimore in 2015.

  • That's where Freddie Gray died.

  • Freddie Gray was the black man who died in police custody.

  • He was in a band and apparently hit his head and snapped his neck.

  • There were six officers who were tried.

  • Three of the six officers were black.

  • The state attorney who brought the charges was black.

  • The City Council, 100% Democrat majority black, the mayor at the time, Black the number one.

  • And there were two people running the police department.

  • Black, the U.

  • S.

  • Attorney at the time, Loretta Lynch Black, the United States president of the Time Black.

  • So black President Black, a G black state a G Three of the of the cops charged were black, a judge before whom two of the officers tried to cases with black.

  • So you have all the black people running things, and we're talking about institutional racism.

  • There was a comedian named Wanda Sykes After Obama got elected.

  • She said, How are you gonna complain about the man when you are the man?

  • So you have all these cities where they have been run by Democrats.

  • I'm in L.

  • A.

  • L.

  • A.

  • From 1992 to 2002 had back to bet black police chiefs, including during the O.

  • J.

  • Simpson case and the police chief of the time, Willie Williams.

  • So irritated by the assertions that the cops that planted evidence he launched a investigation publish it during the trial.

  • And it's found that no officer did anything wrong.

  • Nobody fabricated, concealed in the evidence and the people who thought O.

  • J.

  • Simpson was a innocent man wrongfully convicted by the racist LAPD.

  • Still starting with the innocent man wrongly convicted by the Racists wrongfully tried by the racist LAPD.

  • It didn't matter, and L.

  • A is about 40% Hispanic.

  • So is the LAPD.

  • L.

  • A is about 30% white.

  • So with the LAPD, L.

  • A.

  • Is 9% black.

  • The LAPD is slightly higher than that, as percentage of black officers and the rest or Asia Pacific Islanders.

  • In this exactly percentage of the LAPD.

  • That's Asia Pacific Island.

  • So the LAPD mirrors the demographic reputation of the city.

  • We've had back to back black police cheese.

  • New York City also mirrors the demographics of its city.

  • It doesn't matter.

  • The same activist, no matter what happens when a black person gets killed, are in the streets, yelling and screaming, tearing things up.

  • Facts be damned.

  • And yet, when you try to bring up that if black lives really matter, look at the black on Black Violence in Chicago, Kanye West tweets out 22 a half million abortions.

  • I mean, when you try to address that, nobody wants to talk about that, and you're right.

  • Chicago was on track for more homicides year to year than last year, I think, by by only 100% New York City as well.

  • On when you bring this up, nobody seems to carry black lives.

  • Matter really cared they'd be out here in south Central Los Angeles talking to the Bloods and the Crips were killing each other.

  • If black lives matter really cared, they'll be talking about all the people that were killed last weekend in Chicago.

  • All right, A young teenager gave a presentation before Obama's second inaugural, and within weeks after that presentation she was shot and killed by one of those to whom it may concern bullets.

  • There is a with a documentary on CNN called Chicago Land, where they followed around the the mayor of Chicago, then police chief of Chicago and a principal of an inner city school called Finger High School.

  • In this documentary, you seek her literally drawing mats with her staff to give the kids so they could follow them to avoid the most dangerous areas so they could avoid being shot by gangs that are nearby high school.

  • Now, when you have to give, your kids are Matt, you go to and from school, so they avoid getting shot.

  • We got problems here, and those problems have nothing to do with race is way.

black lives matter.

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THE BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT: "How Are You Going To Complain About The Man, When You Are The Man"

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