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  • How does this play out in 2020?

  • You know, I guess where I guess this is all coming down to an election.

  • And then what happens in that election like, Is it about Trump winning or losing?

  • Is that going toe solve the problem or not?

  • What do you see?

  • I believe that one of the reasons we're seeing all this chaos, including the Corona virus pandemic response, is I believe the left likes the idea of chaos because they feel the average independent voters looking all this stuff and say, I just wanted to go away.

  • I just wanted to calm down.

  • And Joe Biden strikes me as a calmer guy than Donald Trump.

  • So I'm gonna pull the lever for him.

  • That's where I see that's what I think that left wants.

  • But I only think that they're gonna get it because you look at what Donald Trump has done.

  • Just take the black community, For example, before the Corona virus pandemics shut down lowest unemployment for blacks in history.

  • I mean, in history.

  • And you had all these left wing people like like Paul Krugman.

  • He's the economist who writes a column for the New York times.

  • He probably is the most influential economists in the country, and he said, if Donald Trump got elected the stock market within a crash, we're gonna have a depression more.

  • Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is also a star of short.

  • Take said the same thing.

  • They were wrong and Donald Trump once choice in school, which is, I said, urban parents.

  • Black and brown parents oppose Show what White Democrats do not want, and Donald Trump wants to give urban parents an option so the kid doesn't go to a school where only 3% of kids could do math at grade level.

  • Donald Trump is doing something about illegal immigration.

  • There was economist named George Moorhouse.

  • He's probably done more work on the impact of legal and illegal immigration in any other economists.

  • And he says illegal immigration gives us winners and losers.

  • The obvious winners are the illegals themselves, and employers who hire them at lower wages and the otherwise with A With the big loser are unskilled, black and brown workers living in the inner city, he said.

  • The unskilled illegal aliens post competition for jobs that would otherwise be held by unskilled black and brown Americans, and they put down with pressure on their wages.

  • Donald Trump is doing something about that on the Democratic Party is the party of of, ah, pathway to citizenship and porous borders.

  • Donald Trump is also increased.

  • Spending on historically black colleges toe a funding level that's been higher.

  • Never been any higher.

  • He pardoned Jack Johnson for crying out loud.

  • That's the first black heavyweight champion who was convicted of violating the Mann Act, which was a ah law that was designed to punish people for transporting women across state lines for illicit purposes.

  • He had a bunch of white girlfriends and and the and the comfort after him.

  • Just because of that, And even Obama didn't pardon him.

  • And Donald Trump signed the first step back, which is allowed.

  • So far, 3000 mostly black men who have been busted for crack cocaine and given mandatory long sentences have their sentences reconsidered and the average person has had his since reconsidered by an average of 70 months lower.

  • And 2000 people have been set free all together because of off Trump signing the first step.

  • Even Van Jones, who is a critic of Trump was in the Oval Office when that act was signed and praised it.

  • Now talk about criminal justice reform.

  • Obama didn't do that.

  • They talk a lot of stuff about how many black people were convicted because of crack cocaine and the and the and the sentences for crack and powder were level during the Obama administration.

  • We didn't go anywhere near what Trump did in terms of having them have the senses we considered and 2000 of them being released outright.

  • So low unemployment.

  • First step act more money for historically black colleges doing something about it.

  • Legal immigration card.

  • Jack Johnson, partner.

  • Alice Johnson She was a woman from the rib, a nonviolent drug offense.

  • Given a very long sentence, persons was also commuted on, and this is a racist.

  • If this is racism, do need to go back to racism school way.

How does this play out in 2020?

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