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  • you don't.

  • You have no idea how limitless it is when you're not afraid of what other people think or say you have no idea.

  • There's not two people watching this thing that even has, ah, concept of what it is.

  • The act is if you have no limits, your abilities zero and that ties into the self esteem correct, And that ties into what we see lacking in this world.

  • And we see a lot of other signs of that.

  • Donald Trump is the preeminent manifestation that, at least in America, there up to here with it, they know that Donald doesn't say everything that Schuessel they don't give a shit because they know no fucking politician gets elected on truth.

  • Our current president is a classic example.

  • He is a perfect example, a perfect the manifestation that the world or in the America is fed up with all the bullshit.

  • And I believe that political correctness is a manifestation that the world has a lack of self esteem.

  • So we had lack of self esteem.

  • We get an Obama, and the fact that Trump is getting support is that showing that we're shedding that off a little bit, if it when he becomes president.

  • The United States.

  • It's a long shot.

  • I said a year ago.

  • If he's serious about being president, he will rock not only the United States of America.

  • He will rock the world five months ago.

  • He says he's gonna punch Putin in the mouth if you recall.

  • Six days later, Putin says, I like that man.

  • What does that tell you, Brian?

  • What does that tell that you know these people listening?

  • What?

  • It's a respect gets respect instead of all this political horseshit.

  • If Donald Trump becomes president, he's gonna rock the planet.

  • Does that mean rock the planet?

  • He's going to change it.

  • You said to me last night you don't care what anyone thinks of your opinion of you don't want their respect.

  • And and yet by doing that, you get all of their was I don't want anybody's love.

  • Everybody loves me.

  • I don't want I don't give a fuck of these P heads watching this thing like me.

  • You said there you're gonna love your hate Your I knew which one it would be All my life I've been this way and all my life people love me and respect me if you're in a fox.

  • So who do you want in the fucking fox?

  • So with you, Brian, you want some mealy mouth tongue, politically correct, asshole, Or you want somebody that doing rip their head off and shit down their neck?

  • Trump's that kind of guy.

  • I don't agree with everything, he says, but he's that kind of guy, and he's a sign that people want someone to give it.

  • He's a sign because that's what from above, because whether he gets elected or not, the Fed him he is in the absolutely tells us so much about ourselves because people hate themselves, right that Is that what the thing is in America, they walk around.

  • And is it just this lack of accountability, no self esteem?

  • And everyone is just mediocre walking around with No.

  • And the U.

  • S.

  • Has more self esteem than all the other countries put together should or does.

  • It does right.

  • It doesn't have the biggest problem as well.

  • Yeah, that's the There's two sides to the sword, you know?

  • And um, it's ah, he he is showing the future.

  • I mean, it's I mean, it's it's right there in front of us.

  • And if Trump got to be president, our own Allah doesn't even know who is gonna be the next prime minister.

  • I mean, it's gonna Teoh he'll your rocket.

  • Now, whether he doesn't, I don't know.

  • But the other side of that coin is Bernie Sanders.

  • God help us.

  • He was a fucking Communists 35 years ago.

  • Now he's a socialist.

  • He's in the standard for 15 20 years, and he's kicking Hillary's ass.

  • What the fuck does that say?

  • I mean, the U.

  • S is ready for change there, so fed up and the U.

  • S gets a coal are sneezes.

  • The rest of world gets a cold.

  • You know, I don't get elected and we see a way I'd love to see Bernie run against Trump.

  • Either way, the world's gonna change.

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you don't.

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PC CULTURE IS A LACK OF SELF-ESTEEM: Why Dan Pena Believes Donald Trump Will Rock The Planet

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