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  • And so just to make it clear, because when I first heard you talk about this, I kind of blew me away.

  • But those social program introduced in 1965 which looked like this great saving grace the government cares about you were going to give you money because you're in a difficult situation has actually institutionalized or bread in this system of mawr single mother families of this dependence on the government to where people it's actually hamstrung these people in a way that keeps them in this low social economic environment.

  • And it's great when you actually look at it again through the Matrix.

  • You're like, Oh, my gosh, it's almost destined these people to a ah, lifetime or an infinite future of marginal ism and poverty if because they continue to accept this small check every month and any behavior to the contrary means it gets taken away, you know, and Brian's one thing for which guys like you and me to talk about this, But what are the poor people think about the welfare state?

  • They say the same thing you and I are in the nineties, The L.

  • A Times asked for people in non for people.

  • Do people on welfare have additional Children to get additional money of the non poor people, most of them setting up?

  • They probably thought it was insulting.

  • However, of the poor people, 64% of them said yes.

  • Also, the the L.

  • A Times asked for people.

  • Do you believe that welfare is a stepping stone towards self sufficiency, or do you believe it is a crunch that makes you dependent?

  • War said.

  • We believe it is a crutch that makes it dependent, then said it's a stepping stone.

  • So even among poor people, they are also aware of the dilemma of accepting the money and also becoming more dependent on those who are giving you the money.

  • Do you think this was, you know, some master plan by the left and the Democrats to to marginalize this society?

  • Or do you think they were actually trying to help?

  • You know, many of my friends on the conservative side believe it was some sort of master plan that that the left kind of twirled a mustache, and, uh, I'll get these people know.

  • Lyndon Johnson supposedly said, Once my welfare program goes to do, I'll have these *** voting for me for the next 200 years.

  • That's in a book published by a guy named Ron Suskind.

  • He's, ah, award winning writer, and he claims that two people told him that LBJ said that when LBJ also gave many, many speeches in which he talked about the goal of the of the of the new deal of the Great Society, which was to make people more self sufficient, made people more independent.

  • And certainly those around him assume that was going to happen.

  • No, they were just naive.

  • They just thieves were just social engineers like Obama, who sits there and come up with these cockamamie schemes to make things better.

  • Get a couple ones that Obama did that they never talk about.

  • Supposedly, Obama turned around the economy.

  • Actually, if Obama had done nothing, the economy would have turned around better.

  • His own advisers gave a bunch of scenarios when he came in.

  • One scenario was, let's do nothing and if you did nothing, GDP would grow at 3% well, Obama's GDP grew around 2%.

  • The recovery GDP and the different mean 2% and 3% is one million jobs per year time the length of the recovery.

  • So if Obama had done nothing based upon his own projections, there have been seven million more jobs.

  • But then they get projections based upon all the wonderful things you're gonna do.

  • Obamacare stimulus.

  • All this stuff, they assume that the GDP we're gonna grow at over 4%.

  • Well, it grew a half that the worst economic recovery since 1949.

  • The first president ever to preside over a recovery where one year did not do at least 3%.

  • It made things worse.

  • Now, remember, cars for clunkers.

  • Yes, I do.

  • Actually, they were giving money old cars, right to stimulate the economy.

  • I remember that you're willing to buy.

  • Buy a new car quickly would give you all these incentives.

  • What?

  • Turns out people were going to buy a car anyway, despite a little sooner.

  • It didn't induce anybody was gonna by car to buy one, and it cost.

  • The automaker is a great deal of money.

  • He also another one called cash for caulkers.

  • The idea with the pay people Teoh refurbish their home to make a more energy efficient.

  • It turns out the home for less energy efficient after the money was being spent.

  • It was a waste of time.

  • But these were to social programs that were touted with a great deal of fan for fanfare, cars for clunkers, cash for Caulkers.

  • And nobody even talks about it right now because it was stupid.

  • A number of his policies were stupid, not least of which, of course, was Obama care, which is another great step towards having single payer, which is what the left has always wanted.

  • That's always been their goal.

  • Obamacare was just a stepping stone stepping stone towards that direction.

  • And in the unlikely event that Joe Biden gets re elected, we're going to resume that march towards single payer way.

And so just to make it clear, because when I first heard you talk about this, I kind of blew me away.

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ACCEPTING MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT: How The Welfare States Has Led People To A Lifetime Of Poverty

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/23
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