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  • you ever looked into your genetics and we believe her ass where your genetics are.

  • I have I have.

  • You know, um, there's other Don.

  • Many DNA test is up.

  • Someone with a company called Mudo who really dived into a DNA on bond.

  • They found a gene called It's an MST and deformity actually on do you find it?

  • And the, you know, the Belgian believe cows.

  • You know, the big, mostly cowards that just have muscles on muscles and muscles.

  • So they've got the mst TNG and that they got type one and humans can have it as well.

  • They can have type one which is very, very rare if it has been.

  • A few cases of people are usually babies with muscles on him, but they dont didn't live very long.

  • But then is a type two, um STN gene where they basically you can limits the amount of myostatin you producer myostatin limits how much muscle mass your skeletal frame can hold.

  • So if you've got no myostatin, there's no limit to how big you can get.

  • So I've got this gene where I don't produce as much myostatin Aziz any of a person on the court the Heracles gene.

  • So it is very super rare.

  • So basically, I could hold a lot, lot more muscle mass than any or all of a normal person on a suppose.

  • It was just the stars were aligned that I decided to become the world's strongest mine.

  • I'm not had this gene to sort of make it possible.

  • Does anyone your family have it, or is it kind of leaves?

  • You know, I believe I'm sorry.

  • I believe that I believe that it runs in the family.

  • I mean, I found out once, that is funny story out because once I had this sort DNA test done, I went and over is done.

  • And I found out that I was a large percentage off sort of Scandinavian out Swedish, Switzerland on my moment out of British.

  • So I was like, This doesn't make sense.

  • So we had the conversation with, you know, my mom and everything.

  • And it turns out my mom was adopted, so actually found out that my mom was adopted from Switzerland.

  • New You know, those leading really didn't already know via my nan And that's how I found out.

  • So I'm actually a Viking.

  • You got you got, you know, about the gene on you look, and I'm pretty soon looking at my moment of my dad's big without 64613 nearly 14 Stone guy and I was in sixties.

  • Now you can, you know, today was a big guy and then I looked at my mom.

  • I shouldn't have to lift the weight and their arms blow up, but she's got carbs as big as mine, and I'm not joking.

  • There was Bigas Mine.

  • Well, so I think the gene has come from my mom's side from the from the Viking sort side on Dykan, CMA brothers, because they're very fix after my brother was a pro group play.

  • And then my daughter, who is 10 years old right now and you turned in 11 and she's huge.

  • She's the biggest in the year, tallest on, Whipped on.

  • They had a sports day the other day and, you know she want a few things.

  • But then she said, Well, it's funny you say that because we had an arm wrestling competition after I was not right.

  • And did you get involved?

  • You got stuff against a lot?

  • Yeah, says, Did you beat the gills like Yeah, is like, What about the point you said, Yeah.

  • It's like what?

  • You beat all the boys in your year?

  • Yeah, Freshman.

  • No problem.

  • I've got a 10 year old doors twice a stronger than the boys.

  • And, you know, she's a big, big girl.

  • Is strong woman a thing or will it be Eliza thing s?

  • I'm pretty certain that she's got the gene.

  • I could see it in my light as well.

  • You know, he doesn't just started doing some, you know, some sports, but he's got that.

  • He's got the book around his ribs and he's got his shoulders sort of starting to sprout out.

  • He was only six years old, you know?

  • So why?

  • I think it's quite a hereditary thing.

  • And the Nordics are typically successful Strongman, right?

  • Yeah.

  • You know, the Icelandic, The Swedish?

  • Yeah, that they've won a lot of titles between them.

  • Norway.

  • I said they want more titles in any other part of the world.

  • That gene may be your very intervention.

  • I think it is.

  • I think it's a Viking Jean.

  • Yeah, it's like the MST engine could possibly come from the Viking sort of ah place in the global market.

you ever looked into your genetics and we believe her ass where your genetics are.

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