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  • On July 26th, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg lost 15 billion dollars in a single day.

  • And that's mainly because facebooks stock price dropped from 209 to 174 causing the

  • company to lose 120 billion dollars overnight.

  • Just to comprehend that number, That's more than what some of the biggest US companies

  • worth such as Starbucks.

  • In fact, that's even more than the entire GDP of the largest country in Europe, Ukraine.

  • However, that wasn't a big a deal for Mark, since he didn't even leave Forbes top 10 billionaires

  • list.

  • But you are not Mark and you can't afford to lose that much and never worry because

  • you don't have that kind of money.

  • In fact, if you even lose a thousand bucks, you probably will have a nightmare.

  • So here are the 3 types of companies, that you should never invest in because you are

  • almost guaranteed to lose money.

  • such as when startups decide that its time to gain the fruits of their hard work so they

  • go public and sell and a big chunk of their company to the world.

  • This is the moment you have been waiting since the beginning, finally, you can fly private

  • and enjoy the billionaire's life.

  • But that won't happen unless you give this video a thumbs up.

  • sounds like an exaggeration As an owner of the company, you understand

  • that the bigger the hype around your company, the bigger is going to be the demand for your

  • stocks, therefore, the more money you are going to raise.

  • That's why most companies stock price decline after a day or two of going public since that

  • hype vanishes and people get real about what this company can accomplish.

  • Circle with hands

  • Facebook went public at 38 per share, however, within the next 2 month, the stock price only

  • kept declining to 20 dollars before it took off again.

  • Or take a recent example of LYFT who went public at 78 dollars but then within the next

  • 2 month it dropped to 51 dollars.

  • That's why Warren Buffet never invests in IPOs.

  • And neither should you if you don't want to lose money.

  • Wait till the hype disappears and then make up your mind.

  • The stock market is as much as unpredictable as it's predictable.

  • it sounds a bit controversial but if you take a look at the market over a long period, you

  • will realize that it follows certain patterns.

  • For instance, a dramatic rise is almost always is followed by an even more dramatic fall.

  • Graph It doesn't only happen to individual stocks

  • but to the markets in general.

  • Because a high demand keeps driving the price up to where the company gets overvalued but

  • sooner or later, the bubble bursts and the price gets back to what it truly worth if

  • not below that because of a snowball effect.

  • When Petro Chinas share was dramatically increasing.

  • Warren Buffet, instantly sold off all his shares and didn't wait till it reaches its

  • peak although he could have made much more since he knows it's going to crash at any

  • moment, and it's not going to be fun.

  • And that's exactly what happened.

  • Just remember what happened to bitcoin.

  • After reaching its peak, within a few weeks, it lost half of its value.

  • The lesson is, whenever the price is skyrocketing, it's a bad time to invest.

  • In fact, when it happens to the market in general, we get a financial crisis like in

  • 2008 as it happened to home prices.

  • you see I am a big fan of Tesla and Elon Musk In general.

  • I love the idea, I love the goal behind it, the product just looks awesome.

  • And I want to invest in it to be part of it, but from a purely investing perspective, tesla

  • hasn't been the best investment out there.

  • Because Musk is a genius when it comes to generating hype around his companies and it

  • gets me and many others excited about what tesla could possibly accomplish.

  • But in practice, things get delayed, deadlines are postponed and unexpected problems start

  • pomping out which is absolutely normal.

  • Which is why the hype disappears and investors lower their expectations so the price naturally

  • falls back, and if you have been one of those people invested

  • in that hype. you have clearly lost a buck.

  • So don't let your emotions ruin your reason because your main objective is to make money

  • and everything else is secondary.

On July 26th, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg lost 15 billion dollars in a single day.

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