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  • (Joey) ...95, 96, 97.

  • See, I told you.

  • Less than a hundred steps

  • from our place to here.

  • You got way too much free time.

  • Hey, there's the birthday boy.

  • Ross, check it out.

  • Hockey tickets, Rangers Penguins

  • tonight at the Garden and we're taking you.

  • Happy birthday, pal.

  • We love you, man.

  • [chuckles]

  • That's funny. My birthday was seven months ago.

  • So?

  • So, I'm guessing you had an extra ticket

  • and couldn't decide which one of you got to bring a date, huh?

  • Well, aren't we Mr. The-glass-is-half-empty?

  • Oh, my God. Oh.

  • Is today the 20th, October 20th?

  • I was hoping you wouldn't remember.

  • [groans]

  • What's wrong with the 20th?

  • Eleven days before Halloween..

  • ...all the good costumes are gone?

  • Today's the day Carol and I first..

  • ...consummated our..

  • ...physical relationship.

  • With sex.

  • You know what? I'd better pass on the game.

  • I think I'm just gonna go home and think about my ex-wife

  • and her lesbian lover.

  • To hell with hockey. Let's all do that.

  • Come on, Ross. You, me, Joey

  • ice, guys night out.

  • Come on. What do you say, big guy?

  • Huh? Huh? Huh?

  • - What are you doin'? - I have no idea.

  • Come on, Ross.

  • Alright. Alright. Maybe it will take my mind off it.

  • You promise to buy me a big foam finger?

  • - You got it. - Alright.

  • Look. Look. Look. My first paycheck.

  • [cheering]

  • Look at the window.

  • There's my name! Hi, me!

  • I remember the day I got my first paycheck.

  • There was a cave-in in one of the mines.

  • And eight people were killed.

  • Wow. You worked in a mine?

  • I worked at a Dairy Queen. Why?

  • God! Isn't this exciting? I earned this.

  • I wiped tables for it. I steamed milk for it.

  • And it was totally..

  • ...not worth it.

  • Who's FICA? Why's he getting all my money?

  • I mean, what?

  • Chandler, look at that.

  • Oh. This is not that bad.

  • Oh. You're fine, yeah, for a first job.

  • You can totally, totally live on this.

  • (Monica) 'Oh, yeah. Yeah.'

  • Hey, by the way, great service today.

  • - Oh! - Yeah!

  • Terrific.

(Joey) ...95, 96, 97.

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Rachel Get her First Paycheck from Central Perk

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