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  • good people have around.

  • Um, I have to ask you about Donald Trump before we go because you wrote an article about him and you said some fasting things about television.

  • One of them, you said, is that people watch TV.

  • They don't listen to it, which really reminded of myself.

  • And you said people don't love who Donald Trump is.

  • They love who he's not correct.

  • And Hillary Clinton should be worried.

  • Uh, briefly, tell me your thoughts on the Trump phenomenon, right?

  • I'll break down both of those things.

  • So, um, the Republicans did a remarkable job for the past decade or so.

  • Marketing anti Obama.

  • I mean, Mitch McConnell himself stood in at a press conference and said, The single purpose of the Republican Party is to deny President Obama any wins.

  • So he say, Basically said we and we've have lined an entire political party against someone versus for the people that's really screwed up.

  • They made this whole concert of being an insider, a dirty word and an outsider.

  • The most brilliant thing in the world that all outsiders or saviors and they used fear is a tool for short term gains.

  • Well, congratulations.

  • All the marketing worked, you know, have the consummate outsider who is who is the consummate anti Obama ist who is using fear to advance his personal, selfish gains.

  • And you let the genie out of the bag like congratulations.

  • All your 10 years of marketing worked.

  • They laid the foundations for this.

  • That's number one.

  • Number two.

  • We can't neglect the power of the screen.

  • You know, uh, uh, political historians often talk about the Nixon JFK debates, which the first televised presidential debates and what's so interesting about them is anyone who listened to the debates on the radio.

  • I thought that Nixon one, but everyone who watched them on television gave the wind to Kennedy and the famous bead of sweat that it rolled down Nixon's face versus Kennedy was dry and confident.

  • All right, um, we don't listen to presidential debates now in politics has not played out on the radio.

  • Politics has played out on television, morning political shows and press conferences and sound bites and YouTube and, you know, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

  • We largely watch politics.

  • We don't really listen to it.

  • We you know, we don't read it as much as we watch it Nobody reads the transcript of debates, right?

  • You miss him or you watched him right.

  • And the people who were advancing or the ones for the most tell a friendly, Um, good looking.

  • They're tall.

  • Governor Kasich is a moderate.

  • He's a fantastic governor, has remarkable success, is a governor.

  • He's got an incredible reputation as a second census builder across party lines, and yet he's absolutely abysmal on television.

  • And guess what's happening is way behind, you know, um, and at the end of the day, Americans air completely sick of all politicians, we've had ineptitude for more than a decade.

  • The approval ratings are in the toilet.

  • For 15 years, we've seen nothing getting done.

  • We see we see selfishness over selflessness.

  • We see their own political priorities over doing good things for the country and for us.

  • We're just sick of all politicians.

  • And so Donald Trump, as you said, he's not popular for who he is, is popular for who he isn't.

  • He's not a politician, and that's it.

  • It's not a vote for Donald Trump.

  • It's a vote against everyone else, and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • All Republicans, Democrats.

  • Now there's the other side of it, which is the question that must be raised.

  • Which is our politicians, a reflection of us, our politicians of mirror raised to us.

  • And should we be the first to throw stones?

  • Or should we?

  • But first or she'll be, except that maybe we get the politicians we deserve.

  • And if we want them to change, maybe we should change ourselves.

  • Maybe where the ones were divisive, maybe where the ones who are narcissistic maybe we were the ones we're putting our interests out of the interests of everybody else.

  • And if you look at the way that we're raising our kids or running our companies, I don't know, weaken say that we're better.

  • And so maybe instead of demanding that they change, maybe we should demand that we change and take some accountability for our own actions, and maybe then we'll get the politicians we deserve.

  • That is very well, said, uh, and this comes up a lot on this show.

  • We talk about sometimes drug policy have had Dr Carl Hart in here and he has a great Ted, Talk said.

  • It's called Let's stop abusing Drug users and it always comes back to our policy, you can say it's wrong, but it is a reflection on us, and I believe somehow our own self hatred of our own desires and wants.

  • And it's it's very complicated how, you know and, you know, ah, narcissistic populations getting gets narcissistic politicians.

  • Yeah, I know.

  • And why do we respond to that fear in trumpets?

  • It says so much about because we use it ourselves to get to get, you know, work out of people.

  • It's something that is the predominant.

  • It is the predominant business philosophy of the day.

  • Had the gold get the bonus of the gold, got the bonus that the goal.

  • Get the bonus underperform out that is a fear based, dopamine based system.

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good people have around.

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