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  • How often are you leaving the house?

  • And for what?

  • Two times a day to get groceries and going by gray.

  • In the last week, I haven't left the house at once a day to walk my dog.

  • Bella, I haven't really looked my house since first two or three days.

  • I am not leaving my house very Afghan, and I mostly just waiting to get groceries.

  • We're not leaving our house at all.

  • We only have the house when necessary for things like groceries and militaries.

  • My family and I decided that you're not going to leave the house.

  • I've been leaving my house quite frequently.

  • Actually.

  • I only leave my house if I'm going on a run in the morning.

  • I'm not really leaving my house at all once every three days.

  • I left 2 to 3 times this week twice a day to get some fresh air.

  • Maybe you want today, if at all, at 5 30 every single day.

  • Just to take a walk once a week to the grocery store, liquor store, any wine?

  • Last week I did not leave the house at all.

  • I'm leaving the house about two times a week.

  • Not including my daily walks everyday once a day, leaving the house about once a day for a job to get some fresh air and then go buy the liquor store every other day, once a day in the morning to go on a walk.

  • I've left my house one time, and that was to go to the doctor.

  • I'm not really leaving the house 2 to 3 times a week for essentials and taking bills that I prepare for my 84 year old mother.

  • I'm leaving once or twice a week for the essentials I've been leaving out like every other day.

  • I have to leave at least once a day, maybe twice if it's a beautiful day.

  • I've been going to the supermarket about once a week.

  • I've gone to my local supermarket.

  • It's 7 a.m. for seniors.

  • Our I'm not leaving at all.

  • It's once a day only to go for a walk.

How often are you leaving the house?

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