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  • What keeps you awake at night?

  • Um, I mean, fear of failure.

  • And then also, just the the amount of distractions you have in your cell phone.

  • Like that little fucking device that's got so many different like options.

  • You know, we could find girls.

  • The bank could talk to your buddies.

  • You could, sir, Fuckin social media.

  • You could watch YouTube videos.

  • You know, you could just get, like, sucked in, like all these different directions watching Ellen wants videos.

  • What have you know, like, ah, no time before this did People have so much access to so much information and so many distractions and so much stimulus at their fingertips.

  • Like no other time in life as that happened, I usually like some seriously negative implications so that, like, there's some positives, like, we are definitely, like, pretty connected because of that.

  • Like, I could, you know, see what some dude in China is doing.

  • Or, you know, whatever follow, like my buddies that Aaron, you know, Afghanistan.

  • Or, you know, you could just You're just You can see what people are doing, and everybody is kind of, like, more connected.

  • And that says, but they're less like mentally connected to like people won't pick up the phone anymore.

  • It's like a different type of connection.

  • So and I think that's like probably one of the reasons why I think people have a hard time sleeping and there's this seemed, like way more incidences of like sleep issues and anxiety issues, which is why I like CVD is pretty interesting.

  • You know, I think that's you know, I think that's why it's gotten so much popularity.

  • Yeah, I started playing with it about two months ago and just definitely something there.

  • It's subtle, Yeah, but it's definitely changed my sleep and yeah, it helps.

  • I mean, I just I like because there's no downside.

  • There's very few things in life where there's, like, no down so way.

What keeps you awake at night?

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