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  • What would we be surprised to learn about Daniel's area?

  • Something you do?

  • And that would just Maybe you wouldn't expect the aliens hungry, President.

  • Surprise.

  • Surprise.

  • You You don't want to do you do now.

  • I'm gonna be president.

  • Will be.

  • Think so any year in mind.

  • Um, I gotta I gotta make us, you know, multi billion dollar business may, you know, decent.

  • Do some focus on helping other people out, you know, more flattery stuff.

  • Um, and then I think you got a good chance.

  • Ah, basically run.

  • Um, yeah, I should have billions of dollars, but that point and then basically, just give the money back and keep, like, 500 million or something.

  • And then basically cap like my the amount that I could spend it like 100 were, like, busy.

  • I was un corruptible.

  • That would be the premise.

  • Admire running and wybie President.

  • Um, just because it would be like the last kind of box that I want to check.

  • I think I could do it, and I feel like I would be I think I did it like for pure reasons, like I just really like one.

  • Do the right thing which I think is not usually the reason why people go into politics but to actually, like, you know, do something correct.

  • Um, I I don't know that I would enjoy it, but I think they're gonna be, like, one of the few people that could handle the responsibility and the power and not, um, like it fucked up with it.

  • So I think I made enough money to where I finally like Pound of that down the world was, like, irrelevant to me.

  • Um, and I done the girl thing to the point Where is irrelevant?

  • I don't know.

  • It seemed like the last last bucket list item.

  • So 12 years, 12.

  • I think I do it less.

  • Okay, I think I do another four years or so of this.

  • And then, you know, 4 to 4 to eight years, something you're doing?

  • No way.

What would we be surprised to learn about Daniel's area?

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RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT: Why Dan Bilzerian Believes He'll Be The Leader Of The Free World In His Life

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/21
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