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  • So a few weeks ago I posted this photo with the caption,

  • "When you have five cats to feed."

  • And everyone went insane.

  • [siren sounds]

  • So a few of you guys are aware, my cat Ghost went missing last October.

  • And unfortunately, no, she has not come back.

  • I have accumulated a lot of tips and tricks

  • over the last five months in trying to find her and get her back to my home

  • So I figured it would be great to make a video about that where all of that information is consolidated

  • just in case you're missing a fur baby yourself.

  • Now, Ghost was a kitty who would wait by the front door and, like, any time it opened she would just dash out.

  • So I have used a lot of these tips to bring her back again and again

  • But, unfortunately, when I left for Peru last October she just like never came back.

  • That said, if you're in the area of your missing kitty

  • you can still use these to try to bring them home.

  • One: First things first, put clean water and food right outside of your door.

  • As well as a shelter box, especially if you live in an area that's very cold or rainy.

  • And in that shelter box you'll want to put a dirty piece of laundry or their favorite blanket

  • Because cats are very scent oriented, if they've lost their way

  • hopefully they'll pick up that scent and be able to find their way home.

  • Two: Walk the perimeter of your neighborhood with some dirty laundry.

  • Because cats are so scent oriented this will help them find their way back home

  • If they have a favorite toy that makes a noise or a treat bag, shake that as well

  • When I used to do my perimeter walks

  • I would actually put up missing posters

  • just in case some of my neighbors saw her while she was roaming.

  • Make sure to also alert places like Nextdoor, which is Facebook for your neighborhood,

  • local shelters, vets, hospitals, and also your microchipping company.

  • And if your cat is not microchipped,

  • please, please, please do this as soon as possible when you find them.

  • Often when a cat is caught and brought to a shelter or the pound,

  • people will immediately scan them to see who they belong to.

  • and if your cat isn't microchipped, that could be all the difference in finding him or her.

  • And finally, don't lose hope.

  • Some people have had their cat show up years after they went missing

  • Sometimes your cat is just off having an adventure

  • and doesn't want to come home just yet.

  • And if you've seen my cat by chance,

  • please, please hit me up and let me know

  • because I miss her very much.

  • Thank you so much to Simon's Cat for collaborating on today's video

  • If you guys have not seen Simon's Cat please check out their channel.

  • They're amazing animations, and have been some of the most quality content on this site since forever.

  • And I know for cat ladies like myself and cat daddies like you out there

  • It is something that brightens my day.

  • All right, I'm Anna Akana

  • Goodbye.

  • (forever)

So a few weeks ago I posted this photo with the caption,

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