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  • you mentioned China and you talk about it, you know, a second cold, bored with china.

  • Although if you're talking in America these days, probably people don't remember what you talking about with the Cold War.

  • I remember, You know, I remember back in the day where we were terrified against Russia and it was this arms race and all that.

  • What?

  • What is China that most people don't see?

  • In your opinion?

  • Uh, completely totalitarian and completely ambitious.

  • They feel like the last 200 years have been an affront to their millennial long history.

  • They believe that the world order not the world order, but the way in which America has led the world since World War two is offensive to them and slants the world toward America.

  • And they want to remake it all.

  • They don't just want to be powerful country.

  • They want to control their region.

  • International institutions remake them and the world.

  • I mean, this is this is a big of a threat.

  • As you can imagine, this is billions of people with a government that runs the economy.

  • So we thought that liberal liberalizing their economy, opening up markets in China would lead to political freedom, arm or political freedom and opening up of China.

  • The exact opposite has happened instead.

  • We've enriched their growth.

  • They've stolen our technology.

  • They've stolen our companies.

  • They buy for Kate id allegiances of our companies.

  • And then they've used that money to further consolidate their political power, surveil their people to put people in prison camps and to build their army.

  • And they have a Chinese dream I write about in the book, and it has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with Chinese control.

  • And they're working all across the globe, not just in military capacity.

  • They're building an army that specifically built to defeat hours.

  • You know, our military industrial complex moves slow, and it usually fights the last war.

  • So our platforms are not prepared to project against China.

  • There's are built to destroy hours.

  • One of the There's a great book on my desk called the Kill Chain, written by a friend who says America has a perfect record in military simulated military ex exercises against China at the Pentagon in recent years.

  • We lose every time when you actually play it forward.

  • They used their centralized command, Teoh make decision making in much swifter ways.

  • And then they're using intimidation of Hollywood intimidation of our corporations.

  • Confucius Institutes, which they fund in our universities.

  • Teoh propel a propaganda about China and our institutions.

  • I mean, they are all over the place, and our elites cater to them because they want to sell sneakers and they want to buy cheap gadgets.

  • And we haven't yet found a way to truly create Teoh Force incentivize mandate that our companies show that their American companies committed to our system as opposed to willing to become effectively enslaved.

  • Teoh Chinese market place.

  • There were in a cold war right now with China 100% and I like what Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo are talking about.

  • It's just I hope he's given a second term to continue to stare them down.

you mentioned China and you talk about it, you know, a second cold, bored with china.

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A NEW SECOND COLD WAR? Pete Hegseth Talks About Why America Should Be Worried About China

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/20
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