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  • all right.

  • And you did it six.

  • And yet your family was like, Yeah, okay, Maybe not.

  • And that started putting the coal on the fire.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Um I mean, you know what?

  • One woman died.

  • Ah is very really special people, but they were always very negative with me.

  • Very, very negative.

  • You know, when I got into my swimming, But suppose is another Never saw a big segment of my life.

  • What would your stroke in three style freestyle already star.

  • And you were good.

  • Very good.

  • Yeah, And I think we were sort of all were all pushed into a swimming, but it was more just to keep his God you Neural Very.

  • I suppose.

  • Very free free brothers, you know, with a d h d RL.

  • Very energetic are off all over the place.

  • We need to expend some energy on.

  • I think that pushes into the pool was easy.

  • You know, on you say you have an old story about your first time in the pool when you were in Portugal.

  • So it's a fitting ST tail of who you are, isn't it?

  • It is.

  • It really is.

  • Um I mean, well, I was a national champion swimmer.

  • You know, I won the nationals three years in a row, a set British records.

  • I was on the world class potential squad, which is like the Junior Olympic team.

  • I was the best in the country by a mile as well.

  • Not just by a little bit.

  • I was the best in the country for my age by an absolute mile.

  • And that that that segment tomorrow I've got shut down.

  • But I tell people about it and people saw.

  • How do you even get into swimming?

  • Andi, when I was asked my mom because I'm saying I'm too young to remember that.

  • How did I get into swimming?

  • One was a swimming teacher.

  • I'm eldest brothers were good sermons as well.

  • On it was on holiday in Portugal.

  • And this is our This is our state.

  • Swimming on holiday imports without ruining jumping in the pool.

  • Two years old, you know can't swim.

  • And every time a jump in, somebody would have to fish me out.

  • So I was drowning.

  • So I'm a Mormon.

  • Dodman brothers.

  • Different grandma.

  • Was the fish amount fish amount After about five days in the 1000th time I jumped in this room pool.

  • I'm understood on the end of the pool, Luke top me and just fuck you sink or swim on swap that actually what she said Zach worked, she said.

  • That's what she said.

  • He said, Andi, I swam.

  • She said us to start swimming.

  • Just want to decide and that's it.

  • Don't back in swan patch then of swimming more swimming more on It was those words that when she told me those words, I was like I just defines me all over.

  • You know it's you, Iver.

  • You have this.

  • Do you do two things in life?

  • And this is this is very relative to me.

  • In my mental health is you either sink you dwell.

  • You blame the world.

  • You blame everybody else for your problems and you just you fall, you crumble inwards.

  • And that's when people end their own lives and they kill themselves.

  • Or the self harm or you swim.

  • You move forward.

  • You set goals, you have ambitions and you get up.

  • You get out that hole, you stop blaming everybody and you go and get what you want.

  • And that I was used these words when I try and do my talks to people and everything.

  • It's sink or swim.

  • You do one of the over, you gotta pick one.

  • And obviously, you know there's only one right answer.

  • There's only one.

  • You can pick it swim.

  • Because if you don't, if you don't keep swimming, moving forward in life, you're gonna do some bad things.

  • You're gonna sink 12 and it's It's a very dark, horrible place.

  • If you start doing that, a lot of people these days are in that position.

all right.

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