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  • We all have this idea that you should be smart and work hard to become a millionaire.

  • At the end of the day, lazy people achieve nothing.

  • Fortunately, in the age of capitalism, the rules of the game are quite different and

  • you can get super rich even if you have the dumbest idea possible.

  • Take an example of Alex Tew who figured out a very creative way to pay back his student

  • debt.

  • At first glance, it seems like this idea is so freaking dumb that it would never work

  • in a million years.

  • Alex realized, making a million dollar isn't as difficult as it seems, all he needed to

  • do is to sell 1 dollar product to a million people out of 7 billion that are walking on

  • the face of the hearth.

  • He created a simple website that consisted of a single page with one million pixels and

  • decided to sell each pixel for a single dollar.

  • You get the plan.

  • Buyers could place their images, logos or ads with an option to add a link to their

  • website.

  • logoes But you can't do anything with 1 pixel, he

  • started selling them 10 X 10, with a minimum price of a hundred bucks.

  • His first customers were his friends and family since he was raising money to pay back his

  • student loan.

  • I mean, wouldn't you help your friend!

  • T Because you have student debt as well.

  • But after the site made over a thousand dollars, it got the attention of the press who started

  • writing about it and now everyone wanted a piece of the pie.

  • So within the next month, the website earned over 250 dollars.

  • The battle for the last 1000 pixels was so fierce that they were auctioned on eBay and

  • eventually sold for over 38,100 dollars.

  • The million dollar Home Page made over a 1,037,100 in 5 months, helping Alex, not only pay back

  • his student debt but make him a millionaire.

  • what would you say to someone who plans to become a millionaire by winning a lottery!

  • Idiot! right? because your chances to win a lottery is 1 in 45 million.

  • T but that's exactly what Joan Ginther did.

  • She won the lottery in 1993 and earned over 5.4 million dollars.

  • and since she has a Stanford Ph.D. in statistics, she did the math and came up with a way to

  • win the lottery again.

  • It sounds like a joke if it was possible to mathematically win the lottery, everyone would

  • do it, T but it seems like she is the only who could

  • since she managed to win the lottery for another 3 times.

  • Her next win came after 13 years in 2006 when she won 2 million dollars.

  • Of course, it's not as big as her first win, LESS SIGN

  • so 2 years later she decided she needs to match her first prize and won another 3 million

  • dollars making her total winnings, 10.4 million dollars.

  • T that seems like enough money to retire, however

  • not for Joan, she decided she needs another 10 million dollars to never worry about her

  • bills again.

  • In 2010, she won another 10 million dollars and it seems like she has retired since we

  • haven't heard about her again.

  • Before we move to our next hero let me just say that I am not encoring anyone in any way

  • to spend his or her savings on lottery tickets, what Juan Ginther did is truly unique and

  • unbelievable.

  • P

  • however, what you can do is buy a domain for pennies and sell it for millions later on.

  • I am not sure if that's going to work now but That's exactly what Chris Clark did.

  • When he realized that was sold for 3 million dollars, he figured out what to

  • do with the domain he has purchased back in 1994 for just 20 backs.

  • What was another source of a liability since he was paying the annual fee to keep the domain,

  • turned Chris into a multi-millionaire overnight!

  • He put the domain up for an auction and sold it for 2.6 million dollars.

  • the number of people who got super rich out of ridiculously dumb ideas is way longer than

  • this video could possibly cover, but you get the picture.

  • if you come across an idea that looks it would never work because it's simply dumb, it might

  • worth giving it a shot.

  • ANd while you are thinking how to win the lottery this year, how about you give this

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  • Anyways, thanks for watching and until next time.

We all have this idea that you should be smart and work hard to become a millionaire.

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Dumbest Way People Became Millionaires

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    Summer posted on 2020/08/18
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