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  • money and girls like a black hole.

  • I feel like there's never enough theme temples.

  • Arian Phenomenon.

  • 44 million people watching you.

  • It's kind of crazy thing, man just kind of happened out of nowhere.

  • It was just to get laid.

  • Social media was like kind of, ah, tool for that In 30 years you give to the audience to Graham and lock no man if I want Instagram and two Years and I'm just so over social media, I think it's like the worst thing to happen in society.

  • Honestly, it just takes out like a lot of interpersonal connection.

  • Like I feel like people don't live in the moment as much.

  • People are so worried about capturing it on Instagram, that addiction to likes commenting, engaging attention, future generations, they're like, really overstimulated.

  • I am definitely got some natives that I feel like people don't consider lack of privacy.

  • Some money doesn't buy happy Oh fuck, no.

  • Chasing money and girls is not what makes you happy.

  • I think happiness comes mawr from having good friendships and doing things with your friends.

  • I did mushrooms on a beach like five my buddies hanging out talking shit.

  • It didn't cost me anything.

  • And I'd like a fuckin great hippy and a van could have the same day.

  • It was pretty eye opening.

  • You don't need a lot of money to, like, have some really good times.

money and girls like a black hole.

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A2 happiness interpersonal cannabis instagram eye opening fuckin

DAN BILZERIAN - PLEASURE IS NOT HAPPINESS: Thoughts on Women, Cannabis & Becoming President |TRAILER

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/18
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