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  • Oh, hi there.

  • Come join me in my best buddy.

  • Come with us to the ground and a and e your great big friend to me Big Open your my friend too.

  • I really like to play with friends Say I like you.

  • They play in the playground.

  • That's what they do.

  • Let's ride the seesaw.

  • Go big But I'm so small that you're so big I'm always up in your always downloads.

  • Find something else in the playground way.

  • I like you.

  • They playground.

  • That's what they do.

  • Let's Blythe.

  • I'll try to push you, but I can't.

  • I just too small to reach side by.

  • You'll find something else we both can try.

  • It's a good idea, right?

  • Go big.

  • It's not My day has me something way.

  • There doesn't seem to be anything.

  • We can ride together, pig.

  • So don't worry.

  • And you will find something that we could both use.

  • Yeah, something that has stabs so that I can reach the top of it and something we can swooshed down together s l So I know what we need.

  • So do I.

  • Come on and let's you build a word building.

  • Let's build it now.

  • Way ready?

Oh, hi there.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/18
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