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  • Good day.

  • Hello.

  • I'm so excited.

  • I am having a dance party.

  • Excellent.

  • Who's going to come to my party?

  • I will.

  • I will.

  • I will.

  • Of course I will.

  • It's my party.

  • Who else is coming?

  • I, um Did you just call yourselves?

  • I You can't say I It's my name.

  • See?

  • Mine Only I could say I I'm simply the best I phoned.

  • You'll never do it so don't even try.

  • I don't need you others around I shall have my party by myself.

  • I don't need friends Who wants to dance?

  • I do.

  • I wear were I g h and everything's floating but for I write.

  • Wait, I g h ugo Right Right here.

  • Tonight is a party night I did You see?

  • I folded.

  • Only I can say I I I I We're done with e x is easy as making up I I I go with e like a clown with a trick Oh, I tie cross my heart We'd never lock I lie I am a bright blue butterfly I made a stinky cheese I don't need friends.

  • I mean, nobody likes me somebody way All do you are our friend kits.

  • True.

  • I And I like you too.

  • I i magic.

  • He does his magic on me.

  • Then it's time for me to show and staying alive I was five together.

  • Will be I fine.

  • I e feel fine.

  • This'll is.

  • I like sharing my name everybody way Say I And when Magic E does his magic on may we say I I Yes, you can be my friends No, Whatever life friends on with you by my side Way 123 What's she doing?

  • I don't know I Who are we hiding from you know?

  • Hey!

  • Hello.

  • Hello.

  • Where is he?

  • Is a pair when he can look everywhere Me?

  • What's the first?

  • We're paying how you seek But you can't find us.

  • We'll count to six.

  • One, 23 456 Seeks disappeared Let's find them coming.

  • Ready or not?

  • Everyone.

  • Oh, Hi Way See?

  • Seek Shall I see if I can spot them from the sky?

  • There Someone peak What's happening?

  • We're seeking Perhaps I can help e piece e What can you see?

  • Peek a boo.

  • Okay, it Harmony please.

  • Why Why are you here lying?

  • Sorry.

  • This group is vowels only Saudi.

  • What more time involved I can't I be more like I I just don't know what to do.

  • What do you say?

  • Benign.

  • Much too shy to even I Yes, I'm OK at the start of you know, you are young, but I'd like Teoh.

  • Why, my little?

  • Why don't let your dreams All you have to do is we need of our power needed.

  • Oh, you cold?

  • Oh, I don't think so.

  • All you have to do is try I What did you say?

  • Oh, you have to do is, uh I try.

  • I don't believe it.

  • I condemn it.

  • I e happy I get the idea way.

Good day.

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