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  • are.

  • Look at that eighties or rats?

  • ARATS A rat.

  • A rat.

  • The rat Weight register Judge read.

  • Attacked Reddit Touched on the catch Can Look at that.

  • You did your back on the ropes.

  • Catch!

  • Get off much.

  • Do that on.

  • That's go Right.

  • Attack stats!

  • Cats carry on match.

  • I am a church.

  • Look at that age that that's I'm doing a treasure hunt and need to find something with five points.

  • Can you help leavings?

  • Tell me.

  • Ah Ah star five points.

  • Problem solved.

  • Really?

  • The thing I'm looking for lives underwater.

  • I know something that lives on the water Fish.

  • No worries are over her but I need something that lives underwater.

  • Onda has five points.

  • You mean something like a star and a fish?

  • I stand back.

  • Alfa Blocks stock plus fish.

  • Oh, sure.

  • So this That's right.

  • A store fish.

  • Thank you.

  • Plus man, My work here is done So long.

  • Books loose on unhelpful dog.

  • This looks like a job for sheep, plus dog makes e Oh, good.

  • So she don't way You don't meet again?

  • Blush mine!

  • We have a trick that will charm you.

  • Oh, tart A tart are part heart of my tart.

  • Oh, Joe.

  • Part of a tart in a jar are part of talking in a jar is now in a car.

  • And that's just the start.

  • Oh, come on.

  • I taught in a jar in a car is on a cart, but oh, fine.

  • Part of tart in a jarring car on the cart is on a born portrait of tort in a jar in a car.

  • On the card on the Far Far on that star way You're no way.

  • That is my way.

  • Her being a pirate.

  • Me Hartis Ready to play gray?

  • Definitely.

  • Oh, I am.

  • Excellent.

  • Alva blocks!

  • All aboard.

  • All aboard the ship is the ship.

  • Her.

  • Uh We're going to make one.

  • There's our ship.

  • Oh, wrong on There's our mast.

  • Now All we need is a sale.

  • Good.

  • Raise the mainsail.

  • Right.

  • Then who's ready for some pirate Ben routes away?

  • Oh, I did it!

  • This is the life Rough seas and rain ready about.

  • It's going to be a great, exciting, incredible!

  • Don't despair waves me hearty Rooth way true camp way could send him safely on his way.

  • If we can build ourselves run, foresee the day and now the bond can play.

  • A friendship is worth more way too much way can do.

  • Maxwell.

  • If your campus finished and you must know thrown, you know you might get Perhaps it's time to go home Can find your way We'll get you home today Should make your way down to the oh, wait Good.

  • Oh, when a problem makes you go I understand the sand You can get you back Company three's a crowd but nobody's way Know who's going to win Ali?

  • Oh, you you are Oh, wait.

  • Oh!

  • Oh, Cool.

  • What's cool?


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