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  • do you guys?

  • Why so down in the dumps, son party.

  • Oops!

  • Say, let's get this party started.

  • I'll soon sort this out.

  • Don't despair, Deacon.

  • Do it.

  • We need someone who could get this party going.

  • Someone exciting.

  • Definitely.

  • Did somebody say exciting theme?

  • The exciting X?

  • Yes.

  • Here.

  • Not Alfa mortals.

  • I'll fix this.

  • There's no problem.

  • I can't fix X when I'm thrown into the mix on the superhero ex.

  • So just watch my muscles flex I'm stronger than an ox More cunning than a box I'm x im extremely extraordinary on extra exciting I excel in exercising I'm x exc strikes again Excellent parties Wait Time to use my x ray vision.

  • Sorry, ex fans, but I'm needed elsewhere Time for a quick thes We'll save you You Oh, some seven plus one equals you get it?

  • I didn t eat m I teach silly m now We'll never know the answer.

  • I know you ate it.

  • No, I didn't.

  • It was m No So Oh good e Try not to look down Oh, don't despair d can do it.

  • Oh yeah, Mother Oh, what is the way?

  • Oh, uh oh oh Believable That waas the best.

  • Where's p problem?

  • Oh, let's do it again.

  • Oh, it would be super toe.

  • Have someone to splash with.

  • Excuse me, everyone.

  • I better tidy that up.

  • Mess cap off.

  • No tap.

  • Oh, what happened?

  • Well, we could You made hell Don't founded all Peter Bell made amiss.

  • Had to kiss.

  • So that stuff is well, that ends well.

  • You don't have to be a winner Our superstar.

  • You can change the world just by being who you are.

  • Uh, your hands, your wings and pretend.

  • Come on, Kay.

  • Skin downhill side right.

  • Rearranges one.

  • Take one way.

  • Every single one of us has a part of flavor no matter what they say.

  • Have you ever ridden on a ram bad?

  • I prefer to take just by being me I made a difference I can do is go on, have a bash even tiny make a splash You don't have to be a winner So you were just being you It's oh, snap, I I'm going to snap my fingers and make a delicious picnic appear Try telling your tall tales to someone who believe you Sorry, no kicks on.

  • Try pulling the other one e try pulling deep told you.

  • Nobody sense to me.

  • I see.

  • Nobody believed me.

  • I see.

  • No, but I see Greasy.

  • Can we help?

  • No.

  • Attend unless you can.

  • I e picnic.

  • Nice way.

do you guys?

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