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  • Good morning, Alfa Land.

  • What a fantastic day!

  • I'm so happy to be alive that I could just But lest e that feels better The Hello Double A.

  • I just popped in e bebe.

  • I've never seen one of those a puzzling It's got a big button with you e It's talking trillions.

  • He says his name's beak.

  • He says he can't see a things you can see e c Do you e seen?

  • It's a sleet.

  • It can grow into something bigger e off course You can have it if a fantastic day for flying tiptop gay team, isn't it?

  • Wait, what's that beep?

  • You wish you could move around too.

  • E feet I can make Ugo magic e I can make you I can make you go Oh, I can make you go I could make you go Oh, you Because whenever I'm around I play a little game My magic will astound When I make you say your name When magic ease around I can make you make a different sound If you're wearing a cap I'll give you work a pop You've got a leaky top I can get you some ape If you're making a I'll invite you to Whenever I'm around I can make you make a difference Sound If you spill, it'll slide down You're going to need a mop But you better not way But it's going todo because I have arrive around I could make you make a different sound If you got a little bit I'll take a little bug When you're building a kit I could make you a cai's.

  • Give me a I'll make you a king.

  • Show me the fine I'll make you a plane Because whenever I'm around, I can make you make a difference Sound Yeah.

  • Uh, and, uh uh Mm.

  • Excellent.

  • Ever so sorry, p, I didn't see you there.

  • Okay, No problem.

  • Everyone ready?

  • I know Deep in I real time escaping anyone.

  • Foot stopping vehicles with nice years t troublesome little pen that it's getting away.

  • Whoa!

  • Hey, you know where's it?

  • Come Not in there.

  • Hey there, it's escaped.

  • Tricky little pen.

  • We need a trap.

  • Everyone join me.

  • Doug.

  • What e When I'm with a way make love last being busy today way.

  • Oh, what is to go t dream e Saudi kids Didn't mean to kick it so hard but since showed awake Fancy a kick around way ever going to get any peace, right?

  • If you can't be joined them e e But when Magic e does his magic on me I can turn into heat Without a doubt we can wear you out when we make you all be good Bait everybody, let's have a bed jumping competition Ready set Go way e When I'm with a shaky dream on When Magic E does his magic on me we say e Now you're on the dream team so let off some steam team way won't make up on soon will be fast Who are we hiding from?

  • You know Hey!

  • Hello!

  • Hello.

  • Where is he?

  • Is a pair.

  • What?

  • He can look everywhere.

  • Hey, what's the first?

  • We're paying?

  • How you seek that?

  • You can't find us.

  • We'll count to 61 23 456 Geek chic!

  • We've disappeared.

  • Let's find them coming.

  • Radio everyone Oh, hi Way See?

  • Seek Shall I see if I can spot them from the sky?

  • There Someone peak What's happening?

  • We're seeking Perhaps I can help.

  • E piece e What can you see?

Good morning, Alfa Land.

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