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  • did it get?

  • Did you Did you know, I'm very, very fast.

  • It's very sorry J didn't see you there.

  • That's because I was flying the I'm a j a Jolly day, Burt.

  • I can Hey, that's not flying.

  • Can you help me fly and not me jumping deg notes.

  • Is that a flying machine?

  • It's a fan that will take us on a trip to find someone who can help you fly jumping jelly blocks.

  • I'm going to fly.

  • Coming in.

  • No way.

  • Never.

  • Not me.

  • Hey, Jake.

  • We're on our way.

  • J Everything's gonna be OK, J Come on Way.

  • We don't know how we're gonna do it.

  • Way.

  • What's that incredible noise?

  • The sweet son of a jolly jape Jolie Nonsense.

  • This is singing.

  • Yeah, you're a j bad too.

  • You have a lucky dot and say, Do I weigh the same?

  • I am not a day bad.

  • I am.

  • I I can sing.

  • Oh, can't.

  • I am straight.

  • You have a but I can't sing.

  • Listen, making that noise I'm not a j, but, um, I no.

  • Then what am I?

  • Let's jolly well find out.

  • And my term all sweet and smelling of struggle.

  • If I'm not jam.

  • Then what am I for John?

  • My job.

  • A job putting things in.

  • Where is everybody?

  • Oh, I oh, Theo!

  • Uh, Stoke.

  • We need mulching music Day quick.

  • Much good is Ah, Attention hoses.

  • Quick, but, uh, way.

did it get?

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