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  • with me can go home, home sitting in saying Oh Mm!

  • Oh 00!

  • What's a moon?

  • No, we're on the moon.

  • No way.

  • Oh, you Oh!

  • Move!

  • Mm.

  • Oh, no, I don't.

  • Oh, we have a trick that will charm you.

  • Oh, tart.

  • A tart are part heart of a tart.

  • Are Joe part of a tart in a jar?

  • Are God The corals have taught in a jar is now in a car And that's just the start.

  • Oh, come on.

  • I taught in a jar in a car is on a cart.

  • Oh, fun!

  • Part of tart in a jarring car on a cart is on a born.

  • This is the hill.

  • This is the net, I think is the booth is way.

  • This is the way need Teoh, get cook.

  • The card cook just called thistles.

  • The cop we need to get we get.

  • No, not yet, But we can get a thing.

  • Is a frog there from Can hope Frog will hope across the bulb to get the call way.

  • So jump over, Let me join.

  • Yeah, but God fear not.

  • I'll make the band fabulous.

  • Way, way, way, way!

  • True Camp way could send him safely on his way.

  • If we can build ourselves run, foresee the day another bond complete our friendship is worth more way Can do, Maxwell.

  • If your campus finished and you must know through, you know you might get off.

  • Perhaps it's time to go home Can find your way We'll get you home today.

  • Should make your way down to the shore Much I know.

  • Oh, who Who way?

  • Oh, no, no.

  • Stop s You're making too many of everything.

  • Silly me.

  • What?

  • Listen.

  • 000!

  • Super tremendously Tiring work.

  • Lovely lullaby.

  • Oh, what is it?

  • Each Well, it's, uh it must be a thing.

  • Don't you know what a thing is?

  • No.

  • Then we'll show you Nothing is thing we don't way End of spring training pull you bring with you.

  • It's your brain is cold out light from the north.

with me can go home, home sitting in saying Oh Mm!

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