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  • It's too hot.

  • Mr.

  • Snowman is noting need to get him somewhere cooled.

  • No.

  • Uh, no.

  • A fun will keep him cool.

  • No, it's blowing him away.

  • No tens.

  • No, that's not better.

  • That's worse.

  • Mm Van.

  • Very, very cool.

  • We can get a snowman frozen.

  • What?

  • We drive him somewhere.

  • Cold way thistle is much colder.

  • No, wait.

  • Didn't switch it on.

  • He's mounted.

  • No ice cream.

  • Excellent.

  • Uh, yeah.

  • My watch that Beneficent.

  • It's this new man, not Snowman.

  • Snow men.

  • Oh, boo.

  • What?

  • Oh!

  • Whoa!

  • Oh!

  • Well, you Oh!

  • Oh, good, good, good.

  • Oh, good.

  • Grateful You've gone all green.

  • Oh, gosh.

  • Oh, great.

  • Oh, Grew way.

  • Read during John Yellow Green on blue Indigo on Violent to rent on Dorine John Yellow Green A blue indigo on violent too When will be find someone to help me fly very, very soon I don't know how I'm going to do it but I can do it If I try I'm gonna find a way for Jato Lie time for tea You I'll never find someone to help me fly Wait, J let I am a vet.

  • I'm very good at helping animals, especially J birds.

  • Let me Check your wings Now Close your eyes.

  • Yeah!

  • Yes!

  • Is it a flying machine?

  • Your very old jet!

  • Jump the bird!

  • Everyone!

  • Are you coming?

  • V o you change your on your way to the moon and the Milky Way J What a day!

  • You found a way We didn't think that way.

  • No change!

  • Oh!

  • Oh, Dolly my I don't want Dolly to get wet.

  • It would be super toe.

  • Have someone to splash with less.

  • Excuse me, everyone.

  • I better tidy that up.

  • Mess!

  • Yes, boy am are Look at that eighties or rats?

  • ARATS, A rat, a rat!

  • The rat Weight register Judge Reddit Reddit on the catch.

  • I can't look at that!

  • He did your back.

  • That on the ropes Catch!

  • Get off much!

  • Do that.

  • And that's go right!

  • Attack stats!

  • Cats on the map!

  • I am a church!

  • Look at that!

  • That's, uh good.

  • Well, go How now brown cow be, You know, Uh oh!

  • Oh, no, No!

  • Bang, bang, bang!

  • No, no, no, No more Move!

  • Meet me!

  • I know.

  • Oh, who Who way?

It's too hot.

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