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  • once upon a time there was a little red end who like that.

  • They know now and then If you asked him help or ever go he always answered No.

  • His favorite words were no and way me.

  • Not a chance.

  • No, not today.

  • Nothing.

  • Never.

  • No, not now.

  • But everybody loved him anyhow one day and found a seat to So I needed help to make it grow.

  • Now you didn't see you go But the tiny little grain said you alone came D on Gene.

  • Good.

  • A little red And won't you help me?

  • I don't get down a shot.

  • No way Said.

  • Well, I see that then here I am.

  • Sure.

  • Good old I I do it.

  • Let me try the whole I planted the great good g made it rain Along came she a nd weight control now and couldn't see little red Then Now want to beat broken help me cuts this week No cat, Nobody.

  • No one thought.

  • See that?

  • You know that Smooth as you could see Then along came P and I am Jeep.

  • Good.

  • And look now what city I'm a little bit in.

  • Let's make a neat who can help pick up this week A big fancy that alone cane C M and K Who said Wait now who will help me make up now?

  • Three animals pretended to Teoh I see That way Ready to go Ho can help me mix that dough Exit strikes again nine here to help the little red end mitts way Help me bake the bread.

  • But Booth no came agent.

  • It's a true Caffarini branch Smell good.

  • Nice.

  • Who will help me eat this bread?

  • I can't.

  • I said that being a fancy that came the words way.

  • Don't you love?

  • No chance.

  • Not today.

  • I'm only sharing with my friends.

  • This'd is where our story ends.

  • No, not enough said the little red end.

  • Then he had an idea.

  • Let's make it 10.

  • That's the way.

  • And it didn't Ooh it.

  • Yes.

  • Oh, good day, But how old?

  • Oh, good.

  • 000 no Oh, 000 oh, Bob.

  • Eerie!

  • Yes.

  • Oh, grand with a magnifying glass Yeah!

  • Oh, good, Yeah!

  • Oh, yeah!

  • Oh, yeah, Doug e u the Doug Doug!

  • Oh, the young needs as look young Riri.

  • What is that?

  • A young yoga.

  • Yoga?

  • How old?

  • Bug bug?

  • Um dick needs focuses over.

  • So how would Oh, good.

  • Zug So Zug Yeah, yeah, yeah Doug looks, looks looks Oh, attention l for looks.

  • The yoke of the company does oaks extraordinary.

  • What is that?

  • A yoga result your Ghana's Oh, listen, your good news.

  • Okay, You're gonna zone how Xerox looks and they need a Zook's tortoises oak socks.

  • How jokes.

  • Look, Zoe looks zones.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Exciting news that young Amezaga Kazakhs need a box.

  • What is that?

  • Your gunnels are gonna socks you organise.

  • Organise ox yester your Ghana's Logano's oaks You organise organise oaks?

  • How odd Works books books and they need a box box box.

  • Oh, milks, suc suc souks Zug, zug, Zug No!

  • Yeah, yeah A I'm going to talk about something and some bumps in socks on their books.

once upon a time there was a little red end who like that.

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