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  • But ah uh her crash.

  • It's Ah!

  • Oh okay.

  • Ah Ah Star five points.

  • Problem solved.

  • Really?

  • The thing I'm looking for lives underwater.

  • I know something that lives on the water Fish.

  • No worries are over her but I need something that lives underwater.

  • Onda has five points.

  • You mean something like a star?

  • Onda?

  • A fish.

  • Hmm I stand back Alfa Box plus star plus fish.

  • Oh, sure, that's right.

  • A store fish Who are we hiding from?

  • You know Hey!

  • Hello!

  • Hello?

  • Where is he?

  • Is a pair.

  • What?

  • He can look everywhere.

  • What's the first?

  • We're paying?

  • How you seek that?

  • You can't find us We'll count to 61 23 456 Geek chic We've disappeared Let's find them coming.

  • Ready or not, Fu, what do we do?

  • Know Escape!

  • Somebody do something with and e pain.

  • I like peas.

  • Hey!

  • Oh, let's investigate, shall we?

  • Oh, bouncy Beau Dick!

  • Oh, shower on the stairs Tick I arrest you in the name of the novel presents for pals who picked fights and nothing begins with P tote hands Oh Oh Hello, everybody.

  • My name is Paul P A u l I missed me for beginning with I don't t o Oh, Howdy, miss.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Loud.

  • No, let's go.

  • What's that?

  • It sounds like a rattle Snake body.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Get sound.

  • Yeah.

  • Ah Looks like we got ourselves the sound of a cow.

  • Let's find us a really one doubting Oh, yeah Found new I think we finally found our show.

  • Steph, I love my new Scott Now it's time for games We need me Are sick band Let's play musical statues Well, what do we have to do?

  • A show you When the music plays you have to move about like this Oh stops you threes during the everybody no trial It's time for birthday presents its way Got to present This is a special cake But they girl when you blow out the candles you can make a wish you can wish for And I wish I wish e But when Magic E does his magic on me I can turn into heat Without a doubt we can wear you out When we make you all beat Good bait everybody Let's have a bed jumping competition Ready, set, Go When I'm with way E When I'm with a shaky dream on when Magic E does his magic on me, we say e Now you're on the dream team, so let off some steam team we won't make up on soon will be fast.

But ah uh her crash.

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